Waste Compositional Analysis Works

Albion Environmental is an experienced provider of Waste Compositional Analysis services to local authorities, waste management companies and producers of commercial and industrial waste.

Over the past 10 years we have sorted in excess of 280,000 kg of waste by completing Waste Compositional Analysis for our clients.

In recent weeks we have sent teams to Perth, Scottish Borders, and Carlisle, and we are due in Dundee in November, this is in addition to a weekly analysis carried out for a major waste operator in the area.

We can carry out a comparative Waste Compositional Analysis over longer periods, often 2 per year in spring / autumn or 4 over an 18 month period. 

Many clients will engage us to carry out a Waste Compositional Analysis before a new collection system is put in place and can complete similar Waste Compositional Analysis once implemented to allow a detailed report on the effect of the new collection systems

Our reports include detailed review of our work and information relevant to client requirements for example;

  • Weight (kg) and volume (litres) of each sort category within the sample
  • Waste is sorted down to 17 primary and 70 secondary categories
  • Percentage of each waste type found within the sample by weight and volume
  • What materials could be diverted to recyclate or considered to be contamination

For further information, contact 01292 610428 or mailto:info@albion-environmental.co.uk