Healthcare Waste Pre-Acceptance Waste Audits Guidance

CIWM released on 17th of January its latest guidance document on Pre-Acceptance Waste Audits for large healthcare waste producers in England.

Pre-acceptance waste audits are required to ensure that healthcare wastes are sent for the correct treatment and disposal, and robust auditing and reporting practices are essential to ensure compliance. Good auditing, however, also brings other benefits, including potentially significant cost savings and carbon footprint reductions that can be realised by efficient and appropriate segregation of higher and lower risk healthcare waste streams. The Royal College of Nursing has estimated that there is the potential for annual savings of approximately £5.5 million for the NHS if just 20% of incorrectly classified infectious waste were to be reclassified as offensive waste with lower associated waste management costs.

Please follow the link to download the full guidance: CIWM Healthcare Waste Pre-Acceptance Waste Audits Guidance.