Albion’s ABC’s of Waste Management – Q

Q Quality Protocols 

A Quality Protocol sets out criteria for the production of a product from a specific waste type. Compliance with these criteria is considered sufficient to ensure that the fully recovered product may be used without harm to human health or the environment and therefore without the need for waste management controls.

Quality Protocols have been developed to establish the best practice and provide a uniform control process for producers, from which they can demonstrate that their product has been fully recovered and is no longer a waste.  Through provision of an auditable trail, they ensure compliance with current Waste Management Legislation and provide consumers with a quality-managed product which increases confidence in performance. Also, the framework created by the Protocol provides a clear audit trail for those responsible for ensuring compliance with Waste Management Legislation.

Protocols have been developed streams as varied as Gypsum/Plasterboard Recycling, Tyre Derived Rubber Materials and Poultry Litter Ash

Adoption of a Quality Protocol can not only provide increased market confidence in the quality of the products, it can further encourage greater recovery and recycling.