We Need your Help!!

Albion has delivered WAMITAB COTC (Certificate of Technical Competence) in waste management since 2002. These qualifications require candidates to complete vocational qualifications either via our SQA and WAMITAB approved centre.

We believe our approach is the most effective for both the candidate and the company, as in addition to gaining their WAMITAB COTC we ensure candidate completes the work and fills in any gaps in knowledge and experience as they progress through the qualification. The company benefits from a more experienced and qualified manager and get any gaps in their site processes updated as the award progresses!
We know what we think but we are really keen to find out what is important for you, and your organisation.

So we would be delighted if you could click on the link and complete a short survey letting us know what you think of how we deliver the WAMITAB COTC awards. You can remain anonymous however if you require feedback from us please include your contact details.

We will use this feedback to help develop and improve our delivery. We will also publish the key points from this survey.

If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact Kirstie MacDougall or call us directly on 01292 610428.