SWITCH Workplan

Please find below an important message about SWITCH.

Dear Colleague,

As a Forum we have worked hard this year to review our work for the past 4 years, which has highlighted many of our successes and achievements even though it is entirely based on us collectively giving our time on a voluntary basis. It has also given us a chance to review our governance system, structure and documents to consider how best to put it on a more sustainable path – more detail on this will follow. At our last meeting the following work plans for each of the working groups were identified and outlined and I would ask you to all please review these workplans and let me know what suggestions you have for SWITCH to take these pieces of work forward by Tuesday 27 November by emailing Fiona Craig back directly.

Executive Working Group

  1. To establish new governance system for SWITCH based on becoming a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) with accountability to the Office of the charity regulator in Scotland (OSCR).
  2. To review the Constitution to ensure fit with the criteria of becoming a SCIO.
  3. To review and develop an overall communication and engagement plan for SWITCH including an improved website.
  4. To oversee the development of a sustainability plan for SWITCH.

 Health & Safety Working Group

  1. WISH 4 (Safe Collection Practices) has just been reviewed and republished. SWITCH is to review and agree how and what to promote this WISH Guidance in Scotland using the website, SWITCH Network and annual event.
  2. The HSE Waste & Recycling Sector Working Plan has been published and section 5.2 notes areas for concern. SWITCH to review and promote this, particularly site traffic management plans and segregation of pedestrians and vehicles.
  3. WISH has drafted a guidance document on vehicle specification. SWITCH to review this and consider how we can influence standards and what’s available.
  4. Health & Wellbeing is a theme that SWITCH wishes to develop and introduce a few case studies (Binn Group can demonstrate real progress in this regard for example).
  5. Possible Annual Theme – with the aim of prioritising it  

Education, Training and Competence Working Group

  1. To continue to develop the SWITCH SHEA Passport Scheme for the waste and resources sector.
  2. To participate fully in the National Occupational Standards (NOS) Review for the sector which will take place September 2018 to March 2019 led by Energy and Utility Skills.  Once completed the NOS can be reconciled with the existing SWITCH Competence Framework and to ensure it is reviewed and up to date and fit for purpose.
  3. To review the CF once NOS review is complete to see how it can be built on (it is currently based on only 6 key roles within the industry)
  4. To start to promote how the CF relates to a range of common qualifications and accredited courses e.g. SHEA Passport Scheme, Manual handling, H&S, and particularly the FLES Award. A series of supporting documents to be produced for this.
  5. To establish a mentor and mentee program to support managers/ team leaders through the process of and to also provide support for those being assessed.

With thanks for your continued support


Alasdair Meldrum is one of the SWITCH ambassadors and is a member of the Education, Training and Competence Working Group.

If you have any queries regarding this message or SWITCH in general please do not hesitate to contact Alasdair directly or call 01292 610428.