Gordon McGuigan and Phil McFadyen being presented their WAMITAB COTC certificates at Barr Killoch Depot

Alasdair Meldrum, Director Albion Environmental Ltd was delighted to visit Barr Environmental Killoch Depot to formally present Gordon McGuigan and Phil McFadyen their respective WAMITAB Certificate of Technical Competence in Managing Hazardous Open Landfill and Managing Transfer station non hazardous qualifications.  Barr Environmental Ltd have a strong focus on staff development and are keen to offer training and development opportunities for all staff within their organisation. Albion Environmental Ltd are delighted to continue to support their needs with a range of training courses.

Albion would like to congratulate the staff on their hard work and dedication required to complete this qualification. We also thank Gordon Whiteford – Operations Director for his ongoing commitment to developing all his staff to improve Health, Safety and Environmental training across their company.