Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Like most business we now have all staff working from home, except me, who is self isolating in the empty office (it is nice and peaceful – wish I had thought of this years ago!!) Next week poses new challenges for staff as the schools close!

I would like to thank all staff who have been great getting used to new working arrangements and pulling out all the stops to keep working!!

We are continuing to do site work for clients but we are assessing on a job by job basis, and following current guidelines to limit contact.

Jane Bond (Project & Business Development Director) and her team are continuing to carry out work on behalf of NHS where facilities allow us to – thanks to Jane and her team.

Chris Eccles has also provided site cover for a client, where the existing manger has had to self isolate.

We are continuing to meet our ongoing contracts – thank you to the companies who have confirmed they still want work completed!

We have seen an increase in work being cancelled so we will likely have staff capacity in April. As a flexible small company, we always ensure we have a number of staff who can complete a range of jobs and this allows us to provide flexibility to clients and deal with meeting client deadlines and expectations:

  • We can help cover for your staff to free up resources
  • We can help produce policy and guidance documents

Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask whether we can help. Our priority is not to profiteer out of this situation but simply to secure sufficient income so that we can continue to pay our staff.

We recognise the coming weeks and months are going to put significant pressure on our customers, contacts in the sector and our competitors. To get through this we believe that we will all need to work together and look after each other. With this in mind please do not hesitate to contact us about existing work or any areas where we can help – even if this means helping out competitors in the short term!

Even if you are not sure we can help, please feel free to give us a ring – we usually know someone who can. We have a great, flexible, adaptable team here to help – if we can help out, we will!!

In a crisis like this waste management is absolutely essential and we will continue to call for sensible guidance on prioritising waste collections and effective management of waste during this crisis.

And on a positive note – the sun was out and the rain has stopped – Ayr was looking stunning this morning!!

Alasdair Meldrum

20th March 2020