Back to the Classrooom for Albion Staff

Six (or is it 5) Albion staff are currently completing the SQA Qualification Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to Groups  HE0T 33 SCQF level 6. This is to widen the pool of staff we have available to deliver training of accredited and Albion courses for the resource management sector!

The qualification is intended for candidates with vocational expertise or subject knowledge whose job role includes the training of others in small group settings (minimum four, maximum seven learners) and in work related learning contexts. It is also suitable for those who aspire to a training role, or who expect to have some responsibility for training as part of a future job role.

The training is delivered over 4 days by Davie Fraser from C&M Training and involves staff preparing and delivering a theory and a practical lesson to the required standard to successfully meet the qualification standard.

Good luck to the staff at the end of this month when they complete their assessed lessons!