Tool Box Talk Trainers Course

This course is for any managers and supervisors who have a responsibility for inducting staff, delivering Tool Box Talks and passing on safety critical information for example risk assessments to their staff.

The course has been designed to give them the tools to deliver this information in an effective and confident manner.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who has a responsibility for passing on safety critical information to members of staff.

Course Modules

Course has six modules which include –

  • Why people learn
  • Motivation and learning
  • Question and answer technique
  • Constructive feedback
  • Principles of good instruction
  • Delivering theory and skills training sessions

Training Methods

Highly participative with assignments and practical exercises.
Confirmation of Learning
Confirmation of learning is achieved by the candidate delivering a 10 minute session successfully.


Delegates who successfully complete the practical assessments at the end of the course are awarded a Tool Box Talk Trainers Course for the Waste Sector. Joint Certificate issued by Albion Environmental Ltd and The Royal Environmental Institute of Scotland (REHIS).

Course Duration

This is a 10 hour course which consists of 2 hours advanced preparation and 1 day (8 hours) in the classroom.

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