Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to Groups – HEOT 33

Course aim is to train individuals in Basic Instructional Techniques so that they can plan, develop and deliver Basic Training in the workplace. Completion of the course leads to the nationally recognised SQA Qualification “Planning & Delivering Training Sessions to Groups”.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who has a responsibility for training staff and wishes to gain an accredited qualification.

Course Content

The course lasts for 4 days (Approximately 40 hours, including work in students own time.


  • To train individuals in Basic Instructional Techniques using simple tried and tested methods.
  • Satisfy (by assessment) the candidate’s competence in delivering training sessions in the workplace

Course Modules

Course has eight modules which include –

  • How people learn
  • Inclusive Learning
  • The Training Cycle
  • Training Objectives
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Using Training Aids
  • Managing Learning
  • Delivering theory & skills training Sessions

Training Methods

Highly participative with assignments and practical exercises.

Confirmation of Learning

Is achieved by practical assessment of the candidate delivering a 20 minute & 30 minute training session successfully


Delegates who successfully complete the practical assessments at the end of the course are awarded a certificate issued by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) in Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to Groups.

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