SEPA Site Competence Interview Support


SEPA have recently implemented bespoke CoTC interviews with their national waste team, for Site Managers to complete.

SEPA’s bespoke assessment will be limited to operators who wish to hold a single site licence only.

If successful, they may then be named as the technically competent person for the site.

We understand the interview with SEPA lasts between 30-60 mins.

This 2-part mentoring course (contact time 4-5 hrs total) is designed to provide candidates with knowledge of general waste management legislation and operations related to the management of their specific facility.

The course should enable candidates to feel confident when SEPA interview them to determine competence.

It will be delivered by an experienced assessor / waste management consultant, who has  experience coaching candidates to successfully complete their WAMITAB awards and improve site management.


Provide knowledge & understanding which will be required to complete the interview process with SEPA.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with a SEPA Competence interview to complete as part of their Licence application.

Course Content

A briefing session, providing key information on your site Working Plan and Waste Management Licence (WML). We will also discuss your responsibilities as site manager and waste carrier, and key aspects of waste handling. This will be completed by informal discussion, answering any queries you may have.

We will then conduct a “mock interview”

  • to go through some questions, we anticipate SEPA will ask
    • SEPA will want to be confident that you know how to handle wastes on site, that you are aware of legal requirements and basics.
    • Questions should be specific to your site, day to day job and legal obligations as site manager.


The session will be completed by informal discussion, answering any queries you may have. Followed by mock interview.