Fire Warden (1 Day)


To enable individuals from commerce & industry to undertake the duties of fire warden and understand the risks associated with fire in the workplace, how fires start, actions to be taken in the event of a fire and the use of first aid fire fighting equipment employing the correct techniques.


1 Day (Approx 6 hrs)

Pre Requisites

All Candidates must be in good health and free from injuries which may be aggravated by lifting etc.


  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the fire warden
  • Understand how fires start and spread
  • Understand current legislation regarding fire in the workplace
  • Understand what actions to carry out in the event of a fire at work
  • Correctly select and use first aid fire fighting equipment

Course Content

  • Relevant legislation (0900 – 0930)
  • Role & duties of the fire warden (0930 – 1030)
  • Fire wardens exercise (1045 – 1200)
  • The chemistry of fire (1245 – 1300)
  • BS EN 2 Classes of fire (1300 – 1315)
  • Fire procedures and prevention (1315 – 1330)
  • Use of fire extinguishers (1330 – 1530)
  • Theory & Practical assessments (1530 – 1600)

Training Methods

Participative with practical demonstrations and exercises

Confirmation of Learning

Is achieved by both a theory and practical assessment

Site Requirements

Classroom facility with power etc for theory aspects. Segregated & safe outside area to conduct practical training and assessment

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