Household Re-cycling Centre Operators Course


To enable individuals from Local Authorities & industry to understand the issues arising from accepting, handling, storing and disposing of waste in a Civic Amenity Site or Household Re-cycling Centres and comply with all the relevant legislation.


1 Day (for all modules), or it can be divided into 2 x ½ days if required

Course Pre Requisites



The course is designed in a modular form and can be mixed and matched to meet the requirements of the client. The objectives, content & duration will depend on the number and choice of the modules picked. Each module is designed to last about 1.5 hours and the course is based on the core module and a minimum of 1 additional module (total of 4hrs). The modules (and objectives for each) are:

  • Core Module (Intro to HRC & CA Sites): Understand the role of & current legislation regarding Household Recycling Centres & Civic Amenity sites
  • Site Operations: Ensure waste is handled & stored correctly and the workplace complies with its duties under the “Duty of Care” Regulations & any Waste Management Licence requirements
  • Intro to Waste Management: Understand the waste management methods for common household waste streams
  • Customer Care: Understand how to deal with the public & handle aggressive behaviour in the workplace

Module 1 – An Introduction to Recycling Centres and CA Sites

The role of HRC & CA Sites

  • Why bother? The moral, legal & financial reasons
  • What is Waste & Types of Waste
  • Duty of Care Regulations (an overview)
  • Environmental impacts of CA sites

Module 2 – Site operations

  • Intro to site operation
  • Safety & environmental aspects
  • Hazardous wastes and materials
  • Working Safely
  • Practical Issues inc Frequently asked Questions

Module 3 – An Introduction to Waste Management

  • Waste hierarchy
  • Common waste management methods
  • Common recyclable materials
  • Increasing Recycling Performance

Module 4 – Customers Care

  • Intro to Customer care
  • Managing complaints
  • Dealing with aggression

Training Methods

Participative with interactive lecturing.
A course manual including booklet of FAQ’s will be provided for each delegate

Confirmation of Learning

Is achieved by a theory assessment and each delegate will receive a certificate following successful completion of the course.

Site Requirements

Classroom facility with power and enough space to conduct training and assessment

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