Compositional Waste Analysis Services

Albion Environmental is an experienced provider of Waste Analysis services to local authorities, waste management companies and producers of commercial and industrial waste.

Albion Environmental has completed Waste Analysis for:

•    Residual kerbside collections
•    Recycling collections
•    Organic kitchen waste collections
•    Green waste collections
•    Community Recycling Centres / Household Waste Recycling Facilities
•    Commercial & industrial waste
•    Bulky waste
•    Waste Transfer Residual waste
•    Recycled products from Materials Recycling Facilities
•    Offices
•    Airports
•    Schools
•    Shopping Centres


Benefits of conducting a Compositional Waste Analysis

There are many reasons for performing a Compositional Waste Analysis including:

•    To monitor and improve existing recycling schemes. Analysis will enable you to identify how much of the recoverable material in the household waste stream is currently being recovered and how much is remaining in the residual waste. This will help provide information to focus the continued improvement of council recycling schemes.

•    To implement and develop new recycling schemes. Analysis will help provide baseline information from which predictions can be made on how much material could be recovered from a new scheme.

•    To assess the input materials and the quality of recycled products in Materials Recycling and Treatment Facilities.

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