WAMITAB In Scotland

WAMITAB In Scotland

There have been a number of recent changes in Scotland to the qualifications. The main changes are –

Changes to Qualifications

The number of qualifications available via SQA have been reduced and are now relatively limited. Click to view

Legislation Change

The main change in Scotland is the Waste regulations 2011 – Scotland, which “removed the need for a Certificate of Technical Competence (CoTC) to demonstrate that a person is suitably qualified to hold a waste management licence”. Although the legislation has changed, SEPA,  as the regulatory authority will still require you to demonstrate that you are technically competent to manage your facility and will also want to ensure that the minimum attendance time (generally 25% of opening hours) is provided by a COTC holder.

Our view is that WAMITAB qualifications have been available for over 15 years and are a tried and tested method for demonstrating candidates are competent to manage your site. This change in law does not change that and these qualifications continue to offer significant benefit to candidates and employers alike.

Candidate Options

We are currently in a position in Scotland where we can continue to provide the existing awards delivered via SQA or the QCF awards delivered via WAMITAB which are detailed  in the WAMITAB England & Wales section.

We can provide advice as to which is the most appropriate for your situation.