WAMITAB In England and Wales

There have been a number of recent changes to the system in England and Wales

Risk Tiers
The risk tiers have now been upgraded to reflect changes with QCF and also the Environment Agency standard rule permits – Information of WAMITAB awards from April 2016 available here

Continuing Competence
In England and Wales only, CIWM and WAMITAB’s Operator Competence Scheme ‘The Scheme’  has a requirement for individuals to keep their competence up to date. Therefore all competent persons falling within ‘The Scheme’ will be required to demonstrate ‘Continuing Competence’ and this will be appropriate to the level of risk posed by the facility so that it remains proportional. Further information available here

Candidates with existing awards wishing to upgrade their qualifications should contact us. Prior to contacting us it would be useful if you either have your certificates or the exact description that is on your certificate. This will allow us to advise you of the correct award.

If you cannot find the award you need please do not hesitate to contact us.