Albion is an experienced provider of waste management qualifications. We were initially approved by SQA to deliver these awards but have held SQA and WAMITAB approval for a number of years. We have experienced assessors based in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland and can provide cost effective prices for delivering qualifications for your organisation.

All our assessors are very well qualified and experienced and we can cover the full range of qualifications from level one operator levels all the way through to management qualifications. We can also cover a wide range of waste management processes including incinerators and anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities.

As the legislation differs between Scotland, England and Wales and Northern Ireland we have sub divided the information on the web site to reflect these changes.

Albion Environmental Ltd is proud of the innovative methods we have developed to make the WAMITAB process more relevant to candidates and client companies. Over the years we have developed and refined our methods for delivering WAMITAB qualifications. We have introduced the following services to make the delivery of WAMITAB assessment more cost effective.

2 day Working With Waste Management Legislation Course – This course will cover the basic knowledge and understanding required to complete a WAMITAB award. The content of the Introduction to Waste Management course is ideal for candidates who are new to the industry or simply wish to improve their knowledge. Candidates completing this course progress through there qualification significantly quicker than other candidates. For details of next course visit our online course booking request system.

WAMITAB Assessment by email – Over 75% of our candidates are having their work assessed by sending work by email. This allows candidates to complete small sections of work to be assessed prior to moving on to the next section. It also significantly reduces costs by decreasing assessor travel time. This option is currently offered to all candidates.

As always, we ensure that training and assessment is carried out by experienced Waste Managers who understand the pressures of managing an operational site. Relevant C.V’s detailing levels of expertise can be provided for trainers. We work with a range of companies and local authorities across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

As a young progressive company we are always trying to identify new and innovative ways to deliver these qualifications.