Modern Apprenticeship Sustainable Resource Management Level 3


The Modern Apprentice program offers employment combined with training without the need to study full time. This work-based career training is recognised nationally and receives funding support from Skills Development Scotland.

Business Benefits

Enables business growth and helps ensure you have the correct mix of skills within your workforce.  The programme is designed to provide young employees with the latest training to improve their ability to carry out their duties and benefit your business.  

Course Information

The Scottish waste management and recycling industry may be defined as ‘the collection, transport, disposal and recycling of waste, including the supervision of such operations. The Modern Apprenticeship in Sustainable Resource Management provides a key opportunity to address the current and future skills shortages in the industry.

Mandatory Achievements

  • Waste Supervisory Management SVQ3 (GF9M23) – Waste Supervisory Management SVQ3 provides individuals with the skills that they will need to oversee work teams dealing with refuse collection operations or processes. It is ideal for people who wish to move into a supervisory role or for those who are already working in the sector who wish to improve their competence
  • Enhancement – Certificate in Principles of Sustainable Resource Management (GG3546)
  • Level 5 Core Skills in Communication, Working with Others, Numeracy, Information Technology and Problem Solving

Employers Responsibilities

The employer is responsible for providing the candidate with suitable employment and paying them a salary in line with current legislation. Employers should also ensure the necessary facilities, experience and training are available to achieve the outcomes of the training plan.

Training Provider Responsibilities

The training provider is responsible for registering the candidate with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) organising available funding and agreeing the relevant training requirements. The training provider will also ensure the candidate has access to the best training opportunities, assess progress and submit evidence records for moderation.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone in employment over the age of 16, however, funded support is only available to candidates under the age of 25. Within each age criteria, applications can be made right up until the day before 20th and 25th Birthdays.

Next Stages

This qualification could be followed by the Level 4 in Waste Management.


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