CoTC / WAMITAB Assessments

Albion Environmental, as an experienced provider of waste management qualifications, provide cost effective pricing and solutions for delivering the necessary qualifications for your organization, through our UK-wide, SQA and WAMITAB approved assessors.

Our assessors cover the full range of qualifications from level one operators all the way through to management qualifications and also cover a wide range of waste management processes including incinerators and anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities all over the UK.

Over the years, our knowledge and experience has allowed us to develop and refine our methods for delivering WAMITAB qualifications, and our investment in terms of our assessing staff and software systems, ensures we manage the WAMITAB assessment process and make the delivery of WAMITAB assessment more cost effective.

After a recent review of our methods for carrying out WAMITAB assessment we have identified the following advantages for our clients:

  • Clear timetable for completion of awards.
  • Experienced and qualified assessors to support candidates and assess competence.
  • Web based systems to allow easy evidence gathering, including by phone app.
  • Web based system allowing easy assessing and verification.
  • Robust system to ensure quality of the candidates work.
  • Qualification system which is rated highly by both SQA and WAMITAB at all accreditation visits.

Although the legislation differs between Scotland, England and Wales and Northern Ireland our overall view is that WAMITAB qualifications have been available for over 20 years and are a tried and tested method for demonstrating candidates are competent to manage your site. Any change in law does not change that and these qualifications continue to offer significant benefit to candidates and employers alike.

Our assessors cover the full range of qualifications at facilities all over the UK.

Continuing Competence

In England and Wales only, CIWM and WAMITAB’s Operator Competence Scheme ‘The Scheme’ has a requirement for individuals to keep their competence up to date. Therefore all competent persons falling within ‘The Scheme’ will be required to demonstrate ‘Continuing Competence’ and this will be appropriate to the level of risk posed by the facility so that it remains proportional.

Our Track Record

Albion have a proven track record of delivering courses to many local authorities and public and private sector organisations, many of whom have engaged with us further to develop and roll-out the delivery of their own in-house training for all levels of staff .

We have a well-qualified and experienced team to deliver training for your organisation. All our staff currently complete CPD records for a range of professional organisations including, WAMITAB, SQA, CIWM and have a wealth of experience in supporting organisations at strategic and operational levels. 

Our Accreditations

The awarding bodies that we carry out assessments and training for, are regulated by the Qualification Standards Authority (OFQUAL) and Sector Skills Council for their industry; compliance is essential. We are pleased to say that Albion have consistently received high praise from both SQA and WAMITAB at our annual verification visits.

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