Conduct the assessment Process

Unit H290 35 Conduct the Assessment Process (GF8P 48)

Who this Unit is for

This Unit is for assessor-candidates who are assessing learners in a classroom or other off-job training environments such as training centres and workshops.  It is not for those who are assessing SVQs or other qualifications that are assessed in the workplace (who should undertake the Units L&D9D or L&D9DI Assess Workplace Competence using direct and indirect methods)

What do I need to do?

Task 1: Agree assessment arrangements with candidates including:

  • Agreeing assessment arrangements with candidates
  • Explaining how to formulate assessment arrangements covering situations that occur infrequently.

Task 2: Conduct assessment with candidates including:

  • Conducting assessment with candidates
  • Explaining the benefits and drawbacks of a range of assessment methods
  • Explaining how issues might be dealt with if they arose during the assessment process, eg disagreements and disputes, special assessment requirements.

Task 3: Review evidence, communicate assessment decisions to candidates including:

  • Conducting evidence reviews and providing feedback to candidates
  • Providing feedback to candidates that is constructive and supportive
  • Explaining how feedback might be delivered when there are shortfalls in evidence.

Task 4: Contribute and conform to internal quality assurance requirements including:

  • Gaining testimonial evidence of having met internal quality assurance requirements
  • Providing evidence of working with others to help standardise assessment practice.

You will also be asked to provide performance evidence of your assessment practice, which will include evidence of how you plan and carry out assessment activities, make assessment decisions and produce the relevant associated paperwork. Your knowledge will be assessed mainly by you providing written/oral explanations.