Soil Waste Classification Course

Do you understand the implications of Non-Compliance with Duty of Care Regulation?

Did you know we offer training in Soil waste classification?

Often Phase 2 Site investigation reports can leave those dealing with waste soils (e.g. developers and groundworks contractors) exposed to unknown costs for waste soil disposal and non-compliance with Duty of Care Regulations.

Following discussions with our clients operating within the Construction Industry we have developed a bespoke ½ day course covering the following topics:

  • Summary of key legislation and guidance with regard to the disposal of waste soil and stones
  • Definition of waste in the context of soil and stones
  • Interpretation of site investigation reports – identifying the key issues with regard to soil waste classification
  • Applying the waste hierarchy in the context of soil and stones
  • Soil disposal/reuse options and criteria that need to be met for each option
  • Waste Management Licence Exemptions
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria interpretation
  • Scottish Landfill Tax and the Material Qualifying Order

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Don’t worry if this does not meet your exact requirements as we offer a bespoke course, we can adapt the content to suit your requirements – so please get in touch!

For more information, contact 01292 610428 or contact Andrew Howlett, Principal Consultant