Bioaerosol Monitoring

Bioaerosols consist of micro-organisms (such as bacteria and fungi) and non-living components of organisms (e.g. pollens), that are airborne.

Certain human activities – including intensive farming and waste management (particularly for organic wastes) – can generate high bioaerosol levels.

Bioaerosols can be inhaled, and can have negative health effects. High levels have been linked to respiratory and gastro-intestinal illnesses, flu-like symptoms, and more.

Why monitor bioaerosols?

Due to the associated health impacts, monitoring bioaerosol levels can be important for maintaining Health & Safety (H&S) for site employees.

Additionally, if an organic waste treatment facility is within 250m of a sensitive receptor (a site where people live or work), monitoring of bioaerosols, to attain licences or comply with permits, is often needed.

How can we help?

Albion Environmental provide a comprehensive range of bioaerosol services. Our services are reliable and proficient; cost-effective and quick; and provide major H&S and compliance benefits to clients.

They include:

  • Bioaerosol monitoring surveys (in line with M9 & AfOR standards)
  • Workplace occupational exposure monitoring
  • Monitoring to assist with planning & permit applications
  • Investigating & advising on sampling methods
  • Provision of data interpretation & high-quality reports, impact assessments, & research
  • Guidance on mitigating bioaerosol emissions
  • Providing H&S training & guidance on Respiratory Protective Equipment

Our Track Record

Albion have a proven track record of delivering courses to many local authorities and public and private sector organisations, many of whom have engaged with us further to develop and roll-out the delivery of their own in-house training for all levels of staff

We have a well-qualified and experienced team to deliver training for your organisation. All our staff currently complete CPD records for a range of professional organisations including, CIWM (WAMITAB), SQA, CIWM and have a wealth of experience in supporting organisations at strategic and operational levels.

Our accreditations

The awarding bodies that we carry out assessments and training for, are regulated by the Qualification Standards Authority (OFQUAL) and Sector Skills Council for their industry; compliance is essential. We are pleased to say that Albion have consistently received high praise from both SQA and CIWM (WAMITAB) Qualifications Centre at our annual verification visits.

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