~ WISH have released a new informative article discussing bioaerosols in waste and recycling ~ What are Bioaerosols, where are they found, and why should I care? Bioaerosols are a combination of microorganisms (bacteria, fungal spores, and other fragments of biological origin) that are suspended in air. These microorganisms are naturally occurring, and when organic waste is stored for a period of time, will multiply. Hence, Bioaerosols have potential to be prevalent in enormous quantities
Albion are pleased to share a new development from CIWM (WAMITAB) which from 1st February 2024 will enhance and modernise the authentication and verification process for Continuing Competence tests within their Operator Competence Scheme. Continuing Competence tests administered by Pearson VUE can be verified through CIWM ProFile, a digital credentials system. CIWM ProFile is a secure smart card solution that enables on-demand verification of Continuing Competence certificates via a unique QR code. CIWM ProFile enables

Job Vacancies

Posted by Albion on  January 4, 2024
We are always on the lookout for incredible talent to join our team! Albion Environmental is searching for passionate, forward-thinking, and talented individuals, who want to join a growing consultancy that values quality and integrity for both our people and the environment. Do you like working on a range of different projects, and continuously learning from others?  If you share our values and commitment to building a more sustainable future, we want you to be
Streamlining Environmental Authorisations in Scotland In a significant step towards enhancing environmental governance, the Environmental Authorisation (Scotland) Regulations 2018 is undergoing an essential amendment. This revision aims to consolidate the permissioning arrangements for the four primary regulatory regimes overseen by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA): water, waste, radioactive substances, and Pollution Prevention and Control.   Integrated Structure for Environmental Oversight The amendment seeks to establish an integrated structure, bringing these regulatory regimes under a
In the world of waste management, the news coming from Scotland is a mix of the good a bad. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) recently released their waste statistics for 2022, and it’s a tale of progress and challenges. Let’s delve into the highlights and understand what’s driving these changes. The Good News: Declining Household Waste Scotland has hit a significant milestone by generating the lowest amount of household waste since 2011. In a