Under the ban which was set by the Waste (Scotland) Regulations legislation in 2012; no biodegradable municipal waste would be allowed to be sent to landfill sites from January the 1st 2021. This ban applies to a wide range of waste types including the following European Waste Codes (EWC): 20 02 01 – Biodegradable waste20 03 01 – Bulky waste20 03 01 – Mixed municipal waste 19 12 10 – Combustible waste (Refuse Derived Fuel
Are You Helping or Hindering Scotland’s Recycling? How can this be improved? Currently the contamination rate in the Household waste recycling streams ranges from 0.91% to 43.04%*The average contamination rate for Scotland’s recycling is 17% *These figures, provided by SEPA, do not include waste that was so badly contaminated it does not make it to the recycling facility and instead is sent to energy from waste facilities or landfill. Contamination in the recyclate waste streams

Bioaerosol Assessments Survey

Posted by Albion on November 28, 2019
Category: Albion Environmental News
As part of our KTP project on bioaerosol monitoring, we are currently conducting a survey on bioaerosol assessments and the existing guidance that is available to assist with them (such as the M9 Guidance Note on Bioaerosol Monitoring). The aim of this research is to assess the value of current guidance documents on bioaerosol monitoring, and to identify any areas that could be enhanced. This may then provide an opportunity to improve the accessibility and
Do you understand the implications of Non-Compliance with Duty of Care Regulation? Did you know we offer training in Soil waste classification? Often Phase 2 Site investigation reports can leave those dealing with waste soils (e.g. developers and groundworks contractors) exposed to unknown costs for waste soil disposal and non-compliance with Duty of Care Regulations. Following discussions with our clients operating within the Construction Industry we have developed a bespoke ½ day course covering the
Alasdair Meldrum, Director Albion Environmental Ltd was delighted to visit Barr Environmental Killoch Depot to formally present Gordon McGuigan and Phil McFadyen their respective WAMITAB Certificate of Technical Competence in Managing Hazardous Open Landfill and Managing Transfer station non hazardous qualifications.  Barr Environmental Ltd have a strong focus on staff development and are keen to offer training and development opportunities for all staff within their organisation. Albion Environmental Ltd are delighted to continue to support