Driving in the Waste Industry

Posted by Albion on February 24, 2021
Category: Regulations, Training
Are you a driver within the Waste Management sector? Drivers who work within the Waste Management sector should be aware of the requirements they must meet to ensure they are compliant with current waste legislation. All drivers within the Waste Management sector are required to complete a compulsory 35-hours of training over a 5-year period to renew their Driver CPC. Whilst you can undertake a wide range of courses to contribute to the compulsory 35-hours,
Most of us do want to recycle correctly – we know that it’s better for the planet, and so it’s a part of being a responsible citizen. However, with increasing globalization and huge online retailers (e.g. Amazon) bringing massive selections of products to our doorstep, disposing of waste has become a huge grey area. There are now so many easy-to-access products, and therefore, lots of different types of packaging – knowing what to do with
Zero Waste in a City – How to Achieve it? Increasing human population and consumer demand is leading to a scarcity of natural resources. In 2017, worldwide material consumption reached 92.1 billion tons – about 250% more than the amount we consumed in 1970. Household goods tend to end up in municipal waste streams, where their value is lost and where they create a strain on public budgets. It is no longer a matter of wanting to
Pollution, resource depletion, the 6th mass extinction, and the climate crisis are some of the big issues of our time. These crises are likely to be defining features in many people’s lives, especially in the next few decades. With the science behind these problems (and the many available solutions), starting to take centre stage, many people have begun thinking about how they can help. Questions such as “how can I prevent climate change?” and “can
If you have been following our A-Z blog posts throughout the year, you will have been introduced to a range of subjects and issues which the team at Albion have chosen to bring focus to. With the blog nearing the end, the letter X seemed appropriate to round up some of the expertise shown and explain how the Albion team put this into practice during their working week. Established in 2002, Albion Environmental have developed