Site Verification Pictures
Are you involved in the redevelopment of brownfield land? If so, how much importance do you place on the verification of the remedial measures required at your site? Most brownfield sites require remedial action to make them safe for future site users and/or to protect the wider environment. In many cases, this may involve measures such as the removal of contaminated soils, introduction of a soil cover system, the inclusion of gas mitigation measures etc.
Earlier this year, as COVID-19 started to shut down many countries and bring various industries to a halt, it became clear that we were living in unprecedented times. However, good news found its way into headlines, bringing much-needed hope. After a few weeks of declining pollution levels and a lack of human presence in nature, images of the planet “healing” were a source of positivity for many. The coronavirus has proven that there can in
What is unavoidable food waste? Unavoidable food waste is waste food or drink that is not normally edible, such as meat bones, eggshells, fruit skins, and tea bags. Avoidable food waste, on the other hand, describes food wastes that are, at some point, edible – for instance sliced bread, grapes, or chocolate. Whilst avoidable food waste can be minimised through changes to food consumption habits, it is more difficult to prevent arisings of unavoidable food
Is your Continued Competence Test looming? Do you feel fully prepared? Did you know Albion have a one-day Continuing Competency Refresher course? Our Continuing Competence Refresher course is designed to provide candidates who are looking to undertake their WAMITAB Continuing Competence test with a one day mentoring session to assist them prepare. The structure of the mentoring session involves discussions between an experienced WAMITAB assessor and the delegate. During these discussions, the assessor will establish
At Albion Environmental we aim to ensure that our clients are always kept up to date with any updates that could impact their continuing development. Which is why we want to make our clients aware of the recent update from JAUPT in relation to their Driver CPC Renewal. JAUPT advises that the EU commission have reviewed the Driver CPC Directive that now specifies that “a range of different subjects should be covered over the 35