COTC Cover

We provide temporary and support COTC cover and interim management for all waste management operations including landfill sites, composting sites (including in vessel), anaerobic digestion facilities, Material recycling Facilities (MRF’s), Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) sites.

We will have a qualified member of staff who is qualified and experienced in the type of facility you operate.

In order to make providing temporary cover as cost effective as possible for your business we will be pleased to carry out additional work while we are on your site. We frequently combine providing COTC cover for 1 week with inducting and assessing candidates for their WAMITAB qualifications. This is a cost effective method for providing COTC cover and training your staff. Alternatively we can combine with updating your Working Plan, site documentation etc.

A number of examples of the type of services we supply are listed below.

North Ayrshire Council Shewalton Area 2 Landfill Site
Project Manager – Gerry McCabe

Albion Environmental have been responsible for the management and the operation of the landfill site since November 2010. Up to November 2010, the site had been classified by SEPA under their Compliance Assessment Scheme as compliance band “very poor” (2009) and “poor” (2010). The site was receiving regular complaints from the general public and was in breach of several conditions of PPC Permit PPC/W/0020014. This poor performance had been recognised by the Council and Albion Environmental Ltd were appointed to bring the site up to an acceptable level and ensure full compliance with PPC Permit PPC/W/0020014. The Council also provided the necessary support by providing the investment to achieve the permitted standards. Our initial appointment was for a three month period, however this has been extended a number of times each time by a  competitive tendering process. The overall objective of our appointment was to bring the operational standard of the site up to an acceptable level, ensure full compliance with PPC Permit PPC/W/0020014 and to develop safe working practices and procedures.

SEPA has confirmed that for 2011 under their Compliance Assessment Scheme the site will no longer be classified as “very poor” (2009) and “poor” (2010).Confirmation of classification will formally be made by SEPA later on this year

During this period we have also supervised a number of infrastructure changes and improvements which have included –
–              Capping and restoration of cell 3 and temporary capping of slope on cell 2
–              Relocation of wheel wash
–              Installation of weighbridge
–              Various changes to site office locations

Albion have supported these improvements by ensuring that any capital works carried out on the site are necessary and have been designed and constructed in a manner that compliments and improves the site.

Albion also recognised that the site operational improvements could only be delivered by the site personnel through their own personal development. Albion developed staff training matrices for each member of staff and with the support of the Council these have been implemented. Personnel development has ranged from external accredited training and tool box talks on risk assessments and method statements.

From the outset of this appointment, Albion have been made aware that the Council are fully behind the improvements of the site and have shown this by the capital investment that they have made over the last year. Albion has such a wide range of expertise and experience available that we have been able to assist the Council with all aspects of managing the site. This has resulted in a site which is compliant with its PPC Permit, motivated and trained staff and a site which is causing little or no complaints and problems for the local community.

Interim Management / COTC Cover for Straid Farms landfill
Project Manager – Alasdair Meldrum

Albion has been contracted by Straid Farms Ltd to act as site technical manager since Jan. 2002. Initially the site required environmental improvements to enable it to comply fully with its waste management licence and also to allow SEPA to remove some non-compliant issues. We have reviewed the landfill liner and capping design detail, provided Construction Quality Assurance plans, CQA supervision, CQA reports, contractor supervision, environmental monitoring and monitoring of landfill gas extraction system and leachate treatment systems.

In addition we have also provided the following services as and when they have been required including:– development  and implementation of a strategy to ensure compliance with WML and PPC and developing a working relationship with SEPA, negotiation with SEPA regarding waste acceptance, negotiation regarding accepting waste from Northern Ireland, preparation of Operation Management and Control plan for submission in PPC application, assisting site owner with all technical aspects of putting in place a landfill gas 1MW power station, completion and issuing of construction tenders, review of submitted tenders, recommendation on contract award, preparation and submission of SPRI returns, site closure plans, landfill gas management plan, statistical review of monitoring data to allow revision of environmental trigger limits, PPC audit and compliance, application for exemptions to allow composting of “brown bin” waste (including landfill tax free zone), provision of temporary site management to allow for holidays, drainage detail design and installation supervision, landfill survey and void calculation work including setting restoration profiles, quarterly liaison meetings with SEPA, application for extension to planning permission and investigation into establishing an in vessel composting facility on site.

Ongoing: The fact that we continue to be contracted to complete this type of work is a positive sign that the customer is happy with our work. This is largely down to our attention to quality and our use of  experienced staff.

Large Utility plc. Waste Management Operations
Project Manager – Paul Woodhead

Albion Environmental were approached by a major utility company who, following a round of planned redundancies, required some interim support to their business to manage the COTC and operational management of three hazardous waste transfer stations. Integral to the brief was to review their current practices and procedures and advise how to embed ownership of waste management in the culture of the company moving it away from being one persons’ job.

Early on in the project it became apparent that the business did not require waste management licenses at any of the locations owing to the quantities and types of waste being handled and we worked with the client to surrender the licenses and modify the ownership of waste back into the central activities of the business. The encompassed a number of tasks to deliver the change management including training and mentoring as well as writing the ISO procedures to reflect the changes in the business.

As well as modifying custom and practice in line with the client’s objectives we have been working with the client to open minds towards viewing waste as a resource and optimising reuse and remanufacturing opportunities and considering opportunities to design out waste from their maintenance and renewal routines.

As a result of the project knowledge of responsibilities and actions relating to waste and resource are now imbedded into the fabric of the organisation supported by a central administration function.