Healthcare Waste Pre-Acceptance Audits


The need to segregate hazardous and non-hazardous healthcare waste properly is paramount and is vital in terms of human health and the environment.

Items that are put in the wrong containers can end up being disposed of improperly or being transported hundreds of miles for expensive high-temperature disposal.

Mistakes can be costly, (both in health and monetary terms), so the focus is to ensure that health professionals are aware of the correct procedures to follow.

Pre-Acceptance Audits, (PAA’s) will help eradicate these mistakes and ensure that you are compliant with the regulations.

Our Support

Albion Environmental can provide help and assistance across all aspects of Healthcare waste including recycling and treatment options.

We have a trained team who can carry out on-site Pre-Acceptance Audits, (PAA) and provide education to your team including which bins to use and what paperwork is required. We are also qualified to give logistics advice from our certificated DGSA/ADR advisors.

We offer bespoke Clinical Waste Training Courses either on-site or at our purpose-built training facility in Ayr.

Benefits to Client

A Pre-Acceptance Audit (PAA) should be completed by the waste producer and provided to healthcare waste contractors prior to the contractor accepting healthcare waste for disposal

Failure to provide a current and accurate PAA and/or failure for the contractor to demonstrate they have possession of, and have reviewed, a current PAA will lead to the contractor being in breach of their Waste Management Licence or PPC Permit. 

Failure to provide accurate information or providing false information can lead to waste being rejected by the contractor and returned to the waste producer.  This obviously has impacts on waste transfer and storage.  


We have provided support for training and Pre-acceptance audits to all Health Boards across Scotland enabling them to comply with regulations.

Training has provided knowledge on correct segregation to reduce the costs of waste disposal and improve recycling.

Albion Environmental Ltd are a leading UK consultancy specialising in waste & environmental issues.We deliver objective strategy, advice and support to our clients in both the private and public sectors.

Impacting upon:

  • Compliance with latest legislation
  • Cost effectiveness with environmental considerations
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Site review & selection

Working alongside your team, we deliver technically, legally practical and feasible solutions – always with our eyes on the bottom line.

We have extensive experience of waste management and environmental issues across a diverse range of industries and sectors.

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