EPR 5.07 – Validation of Treatment

The EPR 5.07 applies to all waste management facilities that are permitted to accept clinical waste.

Albion Environmental Ltd has a dedicated team of qualified trainers and expert Consultants with experience on healthcare waste management. We have been providing support to many NHS Trusts across Scotland which includes the delivery of comprehensive site audits as required.

Under the EPR 5.07, a Validation of Treatment procedure is required on the following conditions: ‘’The following additional standards and measures are mandatory for clinical waste treatment activities. This includes small plant, mobile plant, and devices located on producer premises’’.

If you are a permit holder carrying out treatment of healthcare waste and need some support to demonstrate that your treatment process is able to render clinical waste safe, we have prepared a simple diagram showing the 3 stages of Quality Assurance of treatment efficacy. Efficacy testing measures the ability of your process to achieve this.