Specification for the production of recycled gypsum from waste plasterboard

WRAP commissioned the British Standards Institution (BSI) to prepare this Publicly Available Specification, PAS 109, in collaboration with the industry sectors which recycle waste plasterboard and use gypsum.  It provides a specification for producing grades of recycled gypsum of consistent and verifiable quality from waste plasterboard.

The use of recycled gypsum from waste plasterboard is well established in a range of applications, and new end markets are emerging.

This PAS sets minimum requirements for the production of recycled gypsum from waste plasterboard, covering:

  • the selection, receipt and handling of input materials;
  • the specifications of product grades; and
  • the storage, labelling, dispatch and traceability of the products.

It also specifies requirements for a quality management system to ensure the recycled gypsum being produced is consistently fit for its intended uses.

This PAS will enable recyclers who adopt it to produce, and users to procure, a quality assured material.  This will increase confidence in the use of recycled gypsum, leading to growth in existing markets and the development of new markets.

We are currently working with William Munro (Highland Construction) Ltd to achieve PAS109.