BSI PAS 100 – Compost specification

The specification was prepared and published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and updated in 2011 and built on the existing AFOR ‘Standards for Compost’ scheme.

It improves confidence in composted materials among end-users, specifiers and blenders, and helps producers differentiate products that are safe, reliable and of high performance. AFOR has adopted BSI PAS 100 as the specification that composted materials must meet in order to achieve the independently verified AFOR certification and use of the logo.

BSI PAS 100 was developed following extensive consultation across the compost industry. It only covers biodegradable materials that have been kept separate from non-biodegradables, and applies to composted materials produced at centralised, on-farm and community composting facilities. It does not extend to end products of home composting for self-use.

We have worked with a number of clients to prepare paperwork and provide advise and support to allow them to achieve PAS100. These clients include GP Plantscape, Gray Composting Services Ltd and Falkirk Council. We also have an excellent relationship with the analytical laboratory which carries out the analysis.