WML Exemptions (England and Wales)

A waste exemption is a waste operation that is exempt from needing an environmental permit. Exemptions can involve the use, treatment, disposal and storage of waste.

Each exemption has specific limits and conditions you need to operate within. These conditions cover things like:

  • the types of waste you can use

the quantities of waste you can use

  • where waste must be stored, for example, in a container or building

Waste operations that comply with the limits and conditions of an exemption have a low risk of harming human health or the environment. For this reason, they are exempt from needing a permit. This approach is supported by other aspects of the non-waste framework directive exemptions and low risk position statements.

We work closely with clients to ensure Environmental Management Systems support compliance with these light touch approaches to permitting and it is imperative that systems and control are robust to ensure compliance with the terms directly associated with the exemptions as well as the wider environmental regulatory framework.