Waste Management Licence Support

Albion Environmental provides a full range of support from assistance applying for minor waste management licence exemptions all the way through to preparing and submitting a pollution prevention and control application. The rules and regulations are now slightly different in Scotland and in England and Wales. We have experience working in both areas and will be willing to advise accordingly.

Our starting point is always to consider your current operation and your future plans. We will also work with the information and expertise which you already retain within your organisation. From there we can the advise what is the most appropriate route for achieving the required permissions. In some cases this may involve and operation starting in a limited fashion under a Waste Management Licence exemption while a Waste management Licence / Permit is being applied for and secured. In other cases we work with organisations who could for example operate under a simple exemption but have a permit in place. We would work with the client to surrender the permit and secure the exemption resulting in an overall cost saving for the client.

If you require further information or wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us.