Construction Contractor Services

Albion Environmental Ltd are pleased to announce that we have expanded the range of services offered by our consultancy team. We are now able to offer the following specialist environmental services specifically designed to aid housing developers, commercial developers and ground works contractors with waste compliance, identification of waste reduction strategies and associated cost saving opportunities. Key services are summarised below:

  • Waste Classification Assessments – We can classify your waste in accordance with WM3 guidance. The classification will confirm whether your waste materials are non-hazardous or hazardous and aid waste producers to comply with their ‘duty of care’ requirements. Where considered beneficial Albion can help you identify alternatives to disposal and provide recommendations to help reduce your waste disposal costs.


  • Soil Waste Management Support – We can help you develop a site specific sustainable soil waste management strategy for your project. In accordance with the waste hierarchy we will aim reduce soil waste volumes by helping you develop strategies that minimise soil waste volumes and identify opportunities for reuse. Where disposal is required we will aim to identify the most cost effective disposal route for your project.


  • Environmental Site Investigation Appraisals – Appraisal of existing ground investigations to identify gaps and potential risks. We will also aim to answer some of the key questions that are often left unanswered i.e. soil waste classification, potential level of landfill tax, water supply pipe specification and if there could be opportunities to reduce costs and increase environmental sustainability by reassessing the remedial strategy and reusing site won materials.


  • Environmental Support During Construction – Help you achieve environmental compliance by undertaking validation of remedial works, ensure that waste leaving your site is undertaken by your ground works contractor in accordance with ‘duty of care’ requirements, and provide environmental advice and support, as required.


To discuss these services further, arrange a meeting or obtain a second opinion on an existing site please do not hesitate to contact us on 01292 610428 or