Renewable energy

Albion has been providing advice and assistance to the renewable energy sector for a number of years. Main areas we are currently involved include –

  • Landfill gas power generation – we provide assistance and guidance to Straid Farm Landfill, Shewalton Landfill and a number of Shanks sites.
  •  Anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities – we are currently providing WAMITAB training and assessment for Scottish water (Horizons) and Energen biogas which is a joint venture with Shanks
  • Wind farms – in addition to the work completed for SSE detailed below we have the knowledge to develop, design and construct windfarm developments. Along with this we are able to provide technical and environmental solutions for the construction of turbine bases, crane pads and tracks associated with wind farm developments that satisfy the regulators and associated third parties. In addition we have the  necessary expertise to go to the financial market and negotiate funding on behalf of a client. Our Project Manager, Gerard McCabe has  developed the knowledge and expertise to project manage small and large scale projects up to a value of £10million.

Any example of the type of work we have completed for wind farm developments includes the following work with SSE –

SSE RenewablesBackground

SSE Renewables Developments (UK) Ltd is responsible for the development and construction of SSE Group’s European Portfolio of renewable energy projects.
SSE is the leading generator of renewable energy in the UK and Ireland with over 2,200MW of renewable electricity generation capacity and a portfolio of over 15,000MW of renewable energy projects in construction, with consent or in development.

Scope of Works

As part of the planning application development stage, SSE’s was required to provide a benchmark for best  practice such that the excavation, handling and reinstatement of material, namely peat, is undertaken in such a manner as to avoid or minimise environmental impacts. It was also a requirement that it be shown that reinstatement and restoration of the site is achieved in line with best practice in wind farm construction and in accordance with current legislation and published guidance documents.

Our Approach

Albion Environmental was appointed for two projects as a member of the planning team specifically responsible for developing an Excavated Materials and Reinstatement Plan. Our main objective was to use good engineering practice to minimise the quantity of waste material produced by the site. The design of the facility was completed in such a way that required all excavated materials to be re-used. Not only was this seen to be the best option but it had  the added environmental benefit that it also avoided excess material becoming a ‘waste’.
Albion also advised SSE on techniques to recycle unsuitable material for restoration under current Waste Exemption Legislation.

Current Projects

Pairc Wind Farm is located approximately 15Km south of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. The development is for the installation of 26 turbines which have a total capacity of 94 MW. Associated with the development is 20km of service roads, crane hardstandings, borrow pits for stone and construction of sub- stations. The final form of the application was submitted and  as of October 2010, SSE were awaiting the final decision on their planning application. The cost of the development once approved will be in excess of £70million.

Viking Wind Farm is located in the North Shetland Mainland, centred at the settlement of Voe, approximately 27Km north of Lerwick. The development involves the installation of 127 turbines, the construction of approximately 100Km of service roads, crane hardstandings, sub-stations and associated works. The total development will generate 457MW and the cost of the development will be £685 million. The amount of material being excavated will be in excess of 500,000m³ and it was Albion’s remit to design the earthworks in such a way that all the material excavated will be re-used. As of November 2010, the completed planning application along with supporting documents were formally lodged and going through the planning process.