RDF / SRF Export

SRF/RDF Pre and Post Shipment Surveys

With a government led push for a zero waste society and a wide gap in available landfill alternatives coupled with an increase in overseas demand for alternative fuels, SRF/RDF exports to Europe and further afield are on the increase.
The RDF export market in the UK is, in the main, an emerging industry, with the whole supply chain on a steep learning curve. Costly mistakes have been made, in financial, reputational, and environmental terms. Common mistakes include:
•    Out of spec SRF/RDF
•    Inadequate Baling/Wrapping
•    Improper handling and storage of bales at point of export.
•    Incorrect Paperwork.
Albion Environmental can offer experienced advice and Specialised Pre and Post Shipment Surveys UK and Worldwide.
Pre and post-shipment surveys are usually carried out at loading ports and railheads and can comprise of the following procedures:
•    Availability and identification of the cargo (according to documentation and visual inspection);
•    Confirmation of Forwarding Certificate of Receipt; (Shipping and Forwarding Certificate of  Receipt is a document issued by Freight forwarders nominated by Buyer to collect goods from seller which confirms the receipt of good in its custody)
•    Visual inspection of the cargo (condition of bales, wrapping and marking);
•    Inspection of storage and stowage conditions;
•    Sampling according to standards specified by the client;
•    Chemical analyses and physical tests of withdrawn samples according to standards specified by the client at independent laboratory;
•    Inspection of chemical analyses and mechanical tests at the manufacturer’s facility;
•    Dimensional check and tolerancing;
•    Digital and paper pictures;
•    Issuance of final reports / certificates as a result of the inspections performed.
•    Complete Confidentiality Assured

Albion Environmental Ltd can design bespoke SRF/RDF handling management plans based on tried and tested methods. Please CONTACT US for more information