Continuing Competence Mock Test

The Continuing Competence Mock Test is currently offline while the bank of questions is reviewed and updated.

Continuing Competence Refresher

Are you aware that Albion offers a one-day Continuing Competency Refresher course?

Our one-day refresher course is designed to provide candidates who are looking to undertake their WAMITAB Continuing Competence test with mentoring sessions to assist them in passing.

The structure of these mentoring session would be in the format of discussions between the trainer and the delegate. During these discussions, our trainer would ask questions to establish the knowledge the delegate has, but to also highlight any areas of weakness the delegate has.

The trainer would then go over the highlighted areas with the delegate by using the most up to date books available through WAMITAB for revision. Alternatively, the delegate may wish to the revise the areas in their own time.

For any further information on our Continuing Competence Refresher course please contact Kirstie on 01292 610428 / email for more info.

This test has been set up to “mirror” the Continuing Competence scheme as set up by CIWM and WAMITAB.

The test will comprise of 20 questions for the generic part (covering legislation, health & safety and environment protection) and a further 6 questions for the activity specific elements/options, depending on how many are chosen. The ‘test time’ allowed will be 30 minutes for the generic section and 10 minutes for each option.

How will I know if I have been successful?

Candidates will need to correctly answer a minimum of 50% of the questions in the generic section and 50% of the questions in each option(s) chosen, and achieve an overall pass mark of 65%
You will receive online notification of –

  • The time taken to complete test
  • The questions you got wrong
  • Whether you passed or failed the test.

Albion Environmental Ltd have developed this as a free resource. If you found it useful please feel free to forward to your colleagues.We would also welcome any feed back on this material. Please feel free to contact us