CoTC Cover / Site Management Support

Albion Environmental Limited is one of the UK’s leading consultants specialising in waste management, environmental, health and safety solutions. We deliver strategic advice, support and training to the waste management and construction industries in both the public and private sectors.

We have developed a good knowledge and understanding of the imperatives of both private sector and local authority clients and our flexible working methods have allowed our service delivery to evolve to become truly client facing in these sectors.

CoTC Cover

We provide temporary and support COTC cover and interim management for all waste management operations including landfill sites, composting sites (including in vessel), anaerobic digestion facilities, Material recycling Facilities (MRF’s), Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) sites.

We will have a qualified member of staff who is qualified and experienced in the type of facility you operate.

In order to make providing temporary cover as cost effective as possible for your business we will be pleased to carry out additional work while we are on your site. We frequently combine providing COTC cover for 1 week with inducting and assessing candidates for their WAMITAB qualifications. This is a cost effective method for providing COTC cover and training your staff. Alternatively we can combine with updating your Working Plan, site documentation etc.

Site Management Cover

Albion have experienced and qualified staff who can provide a wide range of management support to waste management operations. This can range from providing legally required Certificate of Technical Competence (COTC) cover as required by SEPA or the EA, through to specialised advice relating to the export of SRF and RDF. We also have a wide range of experience working at all types of waste management facilities including landfill sites, composting sites (including in vessel), anaerobic digestion facilities, Material recycling Facilities (MRF’s), Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) sites and council waste collection services

Benefits of CoTC / Site Management Cover include;

  • HS Compliance
  • Minimise environmental and human health risks created on site through implementation of a site Environmental Management System
  • Review and assist with the undertaking of risk assessments
  • Reviewing site operational procedures and risk assessments
  • SEPA Compliance
  • Ensure company is operating within the rules of either a Standard Rules Permit or a Bespoke Permit.
  • Carry out legal compliance inspections
  • Compile waste returns for the EA / SEPA
  • Site cover for Staff Holidays
  • Improve overall industry standards
  • Avoid fines from Regulator for non-compliance
  • Assessing operational practices with a view to improving process flow
  • CoTC holder on site supervision for the Licensed required hours
  • Continuity of site operations (removes risk of single staff member leaving and taking the operational knowledge with them)

Our Track Record

We have a core team of 10 with extensive industry experience.  We believe that continued professional development is essential to ensure our team of consultants remain at the forefront of their industry sectors.

Our Accreditations

Albion strive to provide only the very highest quality of service to their clients.  To help achieve or goal we have committed to and have achieved recognised quality accreditation.  Albion are one of the few consultancy organisations in the UK who are accredited as operating to the following management systems:

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems           
ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Systems Management 

Our systems are audited and accredited by BSI

We take pride in our quality management systems which provide a strong set of value enhancing processes to enable us to build on our reputation for technical excellence and the highest standards of client care.

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