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Albion Environmental Limited is one of the UK’s leading consultants specialising in waste management, environmental, health and safety solutions. We deliver strategic advice, support and training to the waste management and construction industries in both the public and private sectors.

We understand that assessment and management of contaminated land is a complex issue and we have experience of providing support with the following:

Phase 1 Desk Studies & Phase 2 Intrusive Site Investigations

Production of Phase 1 desktop studies and Phase 2 intrusive site investigations. This allows the actual risks impacting the site to be assessed and appropriate mitigation measures to be recommended, where required.

Remedial Strategy Documents

Production of a remedial strategy document detailing full specification of the remedial works to be undertaken, remedial targets to be met and the verification procedure to be carried out.

Validation & Verification

Validation of remedial measures to ensure they have been installed in accordance with the site’s remedial strategy. This includes assessing imported soils and aggregates to ensure they are imported in accordance with We will work with site teams to ensure all parties understand validation requirements and help develop a verification programme for the project to avoid delays with hand overs.

Site Investigation Reviews

Appraisal of existing ground investigation reports to identify gaps and potential risks either at tender stage or following contract award. We aim to answer some of the key questions that are often left unanswered within the majority of Phase 2 investigations i.e. soil waste classification, potential level of landfill tax, water supply pipe specification and if there could be opportunities to reduce costs and increase environmental sustainability by reassessing the remedial strategy and reusing site won materials.

Login to Albion’s online Portal for further details and to upload an investigation for review.

Soil Waste Classification Assessments

Albion can classify your waste soil in accordance with WM3 guidance. The classification will confirm whether your waste soils are non-hazardous or hazardous and aid waste producers to comply with their ‘duty of care’ requirements. Where considered beneficial Albion can help you identify alternatives to disposal and provide recommendations to help reduce your waste disposal costs.

Login to Albion’s online Portal for further details and to upload soil results for review.

Water Supply Pipe Assessments

To ensure the appropriate pipe material is selected for your site Albion can undertake a water supply pipe assessment in line with the UK Water Industry Research (UK WIR), Guidance for the Selection of Water Supply Pipes to be used on Brownfield Sites (10/WM/03/21). Depending on the level of existing information a desk-based assessment or a site visit to collect representative soil samples followed by a UK WIR assessment can be carried out.

Ad-Hoc Environmental Support During Construction

Albion offer ad-hoc environmental advice and can assist with a variety of issues and incidents that can occur during construction. Advice and support can include help dealing with soil management, spills, unexpected contamination uncovered during earthworks, invasive weeds etc.

Our Track Record

We have a well-qualified and experienced team to deliver solutions for your organisation. Our successes in delivering services to housing developers and groundworks contractors, speak for themselves, and we can provide examples of cost savings we have helped deliver on request.

Our Accreditations

Albion strive to provide only the very highest quality of service to their clients.  To help achieve or goal we have committed to and have achieved recognised quality accreditation.  Albion are one of the few consultancy organisations in the UK who are accredited as operating to the following management systems:

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System                                 
ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems           
ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Systems Management 

Our systems are audited and accredited by BSI

We take pride in our quality management systems which provide a strong set of value enhancing processes to enable us to build on our reputation for technical excellence and the highest standards of client care.

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