Climate Strike Today

In support of the Climate Strike today we have come up with the following simple pledge which can contribute to environmental improvement! We challenged our staff and we do most of them, but in some cases not all the time – so definitely room for improvement!

  1. Drive less – commit to walk or cycle for all journeys of a mile or less!
  2. Love your latte? – take a reusable cup with you when you are out and about!
  3. Take your re fillable water bottle – 60million people in UK, if each used one less bottle, that would be 60million less bottles produced!
  4. Use your food waste recycling – the energy and nutritional value in food waste is captured if treated separately. Do you know at least 50% of the population in Scotland do not use their food waste recycling!
  5. Use your recycling system properly – we routinely find at least 30% of residual waste could have been recycled!
  6. Don’t drop litter (we know you don’t but someone must!!?)
  7. Take or make a “waste free” packed lunch each day – no more cling film or foil wrappers, use tubs instead!
  8. Take the plastic labels off bananas, oranges etc prior to putting peelings in the food waste. Plastic labels go straight through the composting or anaerobic digestion process and then get applied to the land!!
  9. Use re usable bags for your shopping, including small reusable bags for your fruit and vegetables.
  10. Visit love food hate waste for more tips and ideas to reduce food waste

All small simple steps, that everyone can take to improve the environment.

The major changes needed to deal with climate change will only occur when the population as a whole takes responsibility for their impact on the environment!!

We would love to know how many of these you do, and if not do you think you can modify your behaviour?