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WAMITAB Developing Skills for the Future Webinar

On Thursday 27th January, Albion took part in our first virtual event of the year, with Director Alasdair Meldrum co-hosting the WAMITAB Developing Skills for the Future Webinar.

The event discussed topics from the history of WAMITAB (now CIWM), to the delivery of awards and candidate case studies. Guest speaker Ronnie Robinson from SEPA discussed technical competence and the new guidance which was published in July 2021.

For those who missed the live webinar, you can access the recording below and hear about any future SWITCH Events directly from their website here.

“WAMITAB Developing Skills for the Future” Webinar Recording

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COP26 Series

Integrating sustainability into your business strategy

Doing our part

Albion Environmental operates to a combined Environmental, Quality and Occupational Health & Safety Management System to the standard of  ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 respectively.

Albion Environmental successfully renewed their accreditation with BSI to each of these standards after a successful audit in the summer of 2021, and continue to maintain these standards throughout all business operations.

Operating in accordance with ISO standards allows Albion to ensure we are putting our workers, customers and the environment first.

The pressure is on for businesses to look at their strategy and objectives to ensure they are considering the impact they may be having on the environment.

So what have we been doing?

Albion Environmental Ltd has environmental protection at the core of our business strategy (the clue’s in the name), and have been operating an Environmental Management System to ISO:14001 since 2009, initially accredited through NQA and more recently BSi, who audit and ensure our compliance to these standards annually.

This means we have been setting environmental targets for 13 years and continue to transition to more sustainable, innovative and efficient methods of working.

Implementing an Environmental Management System such to ISO:14001 has been greatly beneficial to Albion and the wider environment as it helps to minimise the company’s environmental footprint, diminish the risk of pollution incidents and ensure complete compliance with environmental legislation. Complying with these standards not only provides operational improvements but ensures we are becoming a more sustainable business.

Our company vision is to “be an industry leading consultancy, utilising knowledge and innovation to develop sustainable solutions”.

We continue to develop our environmental objectives and take part in nationwide initiatives to fight against climate change.

Albion have signed the SME Climate Hub Commitment, setting ambitious environment targets for our business to reach over the next few years.

We are one of thousands of SME’s who have pledged to,

  1. Halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  2. Achieve net zero emissions before 2050
  3. Disclose our progress on a yearly basis

By committing to set targets, businesses can begin making progress towards change and we can all start seeing the benefits sooner rather than later.

In addition, Albion have included more specific environmental targets in our new business strategy, which we started making progress towards throughout 2020/2021. We have promised to;

  • Switch all company vehicles to hybrid or electric by 2025
  • Install solar panels to power the Albion office
  • Cut our total emissions produced by business activities in half by 2030

Albion Environmental continue to build our business to work and offer services which encourage sustainability throughout all industries. We have set ambitious targets for ourself and are encouraged to see businesses across Scotland and the UK doing the same.

SME Climate Hub Members
Bsi Members

Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Waste and Resource Management Passport

We are delighted to advise that we have two fully qualified and experienced trainers ready to deliver the Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Waste and Resource Management Passport course which is a new scheme supported by SWITCH, to improve Health and Safety in the sector.

Aligned to the SWITCH competence framework the SHEA Passport is:

  • Affiliated with Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).
  • Ensures staff can demonstrate appropriate levels of Health, Safety & Environmental awareness.

To find out how one company used it to improve their Health and Safety and training across their operation please click here.

In response to the current emergency situation, EU Skills have announced that SHEA training and assessment can temporarily be delivered remotely via an ‘e-Classroom’. Albion are now looking in to the potential of offering this remote training to our customers.

For our experienced Trainers, the principles of remote training delivery for SHEA via an e-Classroom are the same as those for a physical classroom:

The Trainer and individuals can talk and interact with each other in real time:

  • The design, content and structure of the SHEA training – and the final assessment – is the same.
  • The same training materials are used (e.g. the same SHEA PowerPoint slides used in a physical classroom).
  • Individuals must pass a final assessment – albeit controlled, delivered and taken remotely.
  • Individuals are there to learn and pass the assessment to get their SHEA EUSR registration.

The scheme consists of 8 modules in total covering core health, safety and environmental topics outline below.

There are 8 mandatory modules for the Waste Management industry:

  • Introduction to the waste sector
  • Legislation, regulation and company procedures
  • Health & Safety in the workplace
  • What happens if things go wrong?
  • Occupational Hazards & Consequences
  • Onsite risks & Precautions
  • The environment
  • Waste collection: Drivers and operatives (waste specific module)

This course is designed for employees requiring access to Waste Management sites. Successful completion of the qualification will result in a SHEA EUSR card that will also features the SWITCH logo.

If you wish to discuss the delivery of this course in your organisation please do not hesitate to contact Kirstie 01292 610428 or email Kirstie directly for more information.

Visit our website for more info and courses we can deliver to assist you in keeping your staff up to date and ready to hit the road once the current Covid-19 situation stabilises.

Albion Environmental Ltd deliver EU Skills Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) scheme to all Barr Environmental Staff

Alasdair Meldrum – Director Albion Environmental Ltd was delighted to attend Barr Environmental site to formal present the SHEA cards (CSCS equivalent qualification) to a number of staff.

Alasdair Meldrum and Gordon Whiteford – Operations Director Barr Environmental Ltd are both ambassadors for SWITCH (Scottish Waste Industry Training, Competency, Health & Safety). SWITCH is a multi-partnership forum made up of organisations across all sectors within the resource management industry.

The stated aim of SWITCH is to provide leadership by working collaboratively to raise standards of health and safety, training, learning and development, and technical competence and to promote the Scottish resource management industry as an attractive career choice.

SWITCH is keen to encourage all companies to deliver SHEA training for their staff to provide a basic level of H&S qualifications across the sector. Albion Environmental Ltd has two EU Skills approved trainers and was delighted that, Barr Environmental Ltd took the opportunity too not only deliver this qualification to all their staff but they opened it up to all contractors who regularly worked on their sites. A total of 68 staff have now received their SHEA card which is valid for 3 years, introducing a consistent standard of H&S training across the organisation.

Well done to all 68 staff who successfully completed the qualification which comprises of 8 units which all have an assessment at the end of each stage.

Albion’s ABC of Waste Management – F FIRE

Are you compliant with the Fire Safety Regulations on your site?

Fires at Waste Facilities have the potential to be very serious, posing risk to life and presenting hazards to the local community and the environment. They can also be very costly.

The Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum issued a revised guidance in 2017 aimed at providing waste management operators with the advice and information required to:

  • Reduce the likelihood and frequency of fires at solid waste management sites
  • Where fires do occur, reduce the potential safety, health, environmental, property damage and business interruption impacts

For more information

Albion Environmental Ltd specialise in providing high quality Health and Safety Consultancy and Training for the Waste Management sector. Do not hesitate to contact us to pose us your Health and Safety questions, we will be happy to provide you support to fit your needs and requirements, and ensure compliance with relevant Health and Safety legislation.

Are your site staff trained and equipped to deal with a fire at your facility?

Albion offer a 1-day Fire Warden Course, for site staff and operatives – for more information please get in contact

The course was designed to enable individuals from commerce & industry to undertake the duties of a fire warden and understand the risks associated with fire in the workplace, how fires start, actions to be taken in the event of a fire and the use of first aid firefighting equipment employing the correct techniques.

The course covers the following topics;

  • Relevant legislation                                      
  • Role & duties of the fire warden                   
  • Fire wardens exercise                                 
  • The chemistry of fire                                    
  • BS EN 2 Classes of fire                               
  • Fire procedures and prevention                    
  • Use of fire extinguishers                            
  • Theory & Practical assessments