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Chris Eccles, Environmental Technician Joins the Team

Please join us in welcoming Chris Eccles to the team as an Environmental Technician to support our continued growth.

Chris recently graduated having spent the past 5 years studying environmental civil engineering with a specialty year in geo-environmental engineering. Chris has also gained valuable project management experience whilst interning in California with a construction management company on a large project to redevelop a city college. This experience demonstrated the importance of identifying the needs of the client and effective engagement between client and contractor.

In his role as Environmental Technician Chris will assist our team with waste analysis, environmental monitoring and site investigation work. In addition to his role he will also provide support to senior members of the team in the delivery of consultancy projects.

We look forward to working with Chris and in the development and progression of his role with Albion.

For further information or to get in touch please contact: or T:01292 610428.

Fraser Christie, Environmental Consultant Joins the Team

Please join us in welcoming Fraser Christie to the team as an Environmental Consultant to support our continued growth.

Fraser has environmental experience in the Private, Public and Third Sectors. He has a regulatory background and has carbon reduction and project management experience. Fraser also has international experience, spending eighteen months working abroad for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Victoria before joining Albion.

In his role as Environmental Consultant he will be assisting our team with environmental monitoring, site investigations, licensing and compliance assessments. Fraser is a great addition to our team who will help maintain our high standard of care and delivery to our customers.

For further information or to get in touch please contact: or T:01292 610428.

Bespoke Soil Classification and Disposal Options Training Course

Soil waste classification and management is a subject that is often not covered within traditional Phase 2 Site Investigation reports.

This can leave those dealing with waste soils (e.g. developers and groundworks contractors) exposed to unknown costs for waste soil disposal and non-compliance with Duty of Care Regulations.

Following discussions with our clients operating within the Construction Industry we have developed a bespoke ½ day course covering the following topics:

  • Summary of key legislation and guidance with regard to the disposal of waste soil and stones
  • Definition of waste in the context of soil and stones
  • Interpretation of site investigation reports – identifying the key issues with regard to soil waste classification
  • Applying the waste hierarchy in the context of soil and stones
  • Soil disposal/reuse options and criteria that need to be met for each option
  • Waste Management Licence Exemptions
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria interpretation
  • Scottish Landfill Tax and the Material Qualifying Order

The course will benefit Quantity Surveyors, Contracts Managers, Technical Managers and Site Managers.

For Further Information, Contact 01292 610428 or