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CIWM Resource and Waste Clinic at RWM

CIWM are hosting a Resource and Waste Clinic at RWM 13-15 September 2016 and Albion Environmental are delighted that our Managing Director, Alasdair Meldrum will be among the selected professionals  who will be providing advise. The clinic has been introduced to demonstrate the value of CIWM and their network of professionals and CIWM staff will be asking people ‘what can we help you achieve?’

We encourage all to come along and meet the experts.

How will the Clinic work?

There are over 30 experts coming to help during the course of the 3 day show.  Most experts have been able to give either half a day, a day or more of their time.  Our experts collectively have a very wide knowledge on a range of resource and waste management subjects and are mainly CIWM Fellows.  Visitors to the show can come along and have a one-to-one chat with one or more experts to help them gain information and help on the questions they have. Visitors can book to meet an expert in advance at or by coming to the stand where CIWM staff will help direct them to the right person. Each one-to-one will be up to half an hour.  Book Here

Where is the Clinic?

We are in the same location as last year. It is stand 4M10-N11.  We’re on the link between Hall 4 and 5, just at the top of the stairs.

Do I need to register as a visitor to the show?

Yes.  This can be done in advance