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Albion Electricity – 100% Renewable Energy

Albion Environmental doing their bit for the environment, with help from Opus Energy!

At Albion Environmental we are always looking at ways to reduce our energy usage and the subsequent environmental impact so we are very pleased with the recent update from our current electricity supplier, OPUS Energy.

OPUS send us an annual update on where our electricity comes from and have confirmed they were able to provide us with 100% renewable energy over the past year, and have the evidence to prove it, so they have ensured that we are doing our part to help the environment.

By using 100% renewable energy between April 2017 and March 2018, OPUS customers have been prevented 1,019,426 tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of planting 509 million trees.

Thank you OPUS

Congratulations to Damhead Renewables on the recent commissioning of their newly erected wind turbine.

Albion Environmental Ltd would like to congratulate Damhead Renewables on the recent commissioning of their newly erected wind turbine. The turbine has been provided by Gamesa and has a capacity of 2 Mw. Damhead Renewables has also managed to secure an off-take contract which ensures the success of this new development.  We were happy to play a part in helping Damhead Renewables to secure compliance with planning conditions, obtain grid connection, secure funding and provide technical assistance during the construction works. We wish Damhead Renewables every success in this development and would welcome the opportunity to working with them in the future.




UK renewable energy roadmap: 2013 update – DECC

The last year has been one of the most successful years ever for Britain’s renewable energy drive, with big leaps forward in actual deployment, in newly announced projects and in long term policy completion. This update brings together the story of this rapid progress and sets out the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s shared high ambitions to go further than many thought possible just a few years ago. As we see record levels of investment and large numbers of new green jobs being created already, they are determined to do more to maximise the green growth potential of the renewable energy sector.

Please follow the link to view the report: UK renewable energy roadmap: 2013 update

Source: UK Government. Department of Energy & Climate Change.

Using Standards to Improve Energy Performance – IChemE free webinar

IChemE are holding a Webinar arranged by their Environment Special Interest Group on November. The Webinar will involve a 40 minute online presentation delivered by sustainability manager Kit Oung.

There is a big increase in energy management and related standards. At International Standards (ISO) level, ISO 50001 is published and ISO 50002, ISO 50003, ISO 50004, ISO 50006 and ISO 50015 are at various stages of development. Within Europe, there are even more energy management and energy auditing standards across buildings, industrial and transport sectors. This presentation gives an overview of how the various standards fit together, why using a standardised method helps organisation to manage energy, and timelines when the standards will be published.

Please follow the link for more information: Free Webinar

Source: IChemE. Advancing Chemical Engineering Worldwide