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Skills Development Scotland launch 2016/17 Low Carbon Skills Fund

Skills Development Scotland have launched the 2016/17 Low Carbon Fund and you may be able to apply for up to £5,000 towards your employee training costs.  This fund is available to Scottish businesses with fewer than 100 employees and eligible training includes:


  • Renewable energy, low carbon technologies and microgeneration
  • Energy efficiency, environmental and clean technologies
  • Waste management and re-use
  • Reducing carbon in supply and energy management.


To Apply for funding please follow this link Skills Development Scotland Low Carbon Skills Fund


Should you require further information regarding the training Albion Environmental Ltd can offer please contact Gail Martin on 01292 610428 or



Scottish Recycling Fund

The Scottish Recycling Fund is a limited fund (£3.8M over 3 years) that has been established by Zero Waste
Scotland and Scottish Enterprise to develop or expand:
• sorting, reuse/repair and reprocessing capacity for eligible waste materials in Scotland
• remanufacturing facilities in Scotland

Waste Materials Eligible for the fund;
• Plastics
• Tyres
• Textiles
• Glass
• Industrial food & drink processing waste
• Waste electrical and electronic equipment
• Plasterboard

The fund is able to offer loans, repayable over a 3-5 year period on commercial terms, to organisations that are interested in developing the relevant infrastructure in Scotland. While loans are primarily for capital investment, they can include working capital.

Who can apply?
Any business that is seeking to develop material sorting, reuse /repair, reprocessing and remanufacturing infrastructure in Scotland can apply, provided the project meets the following criteria:
• it contributes towards the building of additional sorting, reuse/repair or reprocessing capacity for an eligible waste material (as listed above) or towards the establishment of additional remanufacturing capacity
• it diverts eligible waste material from landfill or energy recovery; OR it will produce high value products from eligible waste materials; OR it will produce certified remanufactured products
• a proportion of the eligible waste materials to be recycled are from the Scottish waste stream
OR, for remanufactured products, supplied from Scottish businesses
• funding is required for purchase of assets (but can be for working capital)
• the infrastructure funded will be in Scotland
• Projects are ineligible if an interest is held in it by any individual employed by Zero Waste  Scotland or Scottish Enterprise.

What kind of projects can be funded?
Priority projects are those which add value to materials/products in Scotland and make a significant contribution to the overall objectives of the fund listed above.

Projects which divert materials for energy recovery, for example contaminated plastics to oil facilities will be considered, but these will be lower priority. Applications for energy recovery projects will, as a minimum, need to provide evidence that they target only those materials that cannot be economically recycled higher up the waste hierarchy.

Some simple examples of eligible projects are as follows:
• Separation and reprocessing of plastic from waste electrical equipment into new products
• Enhancing reprocessing of plasterboard to produce recycled material suitable for inclusion in plasterboard products or other applications (such as road surfaces)
• Setting up a WEEE reuse and repair facility
• Installing an anaerobic digestion facility at a dairy to process the effluent and generate renewable energy
• Developing a new remanufacturing facility for diesel engines

What are the terms of the loan available?
• Applicants will be eligible to apply for one loan per project.
• The extent of any loan offered will be subject to the specific circumstances of the applicant, and in any event will be for a minimum of £50,000 and a maximum of £1.9m. The maximum loan term is five years.
• Loan applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and charged a commercial rate of interest.
• ZWS will work with companies to identify potential projects which meet the fund objectives and, where appropriate, refer to Scottish Enterprise for their consideration for funding.
• Scottish Enterprise will have responsibility for administering the fund and undertaking the
• commercial transactions including: assessing loan applications, undertaking due diligence, making loan decisions and awards and managing repayments.

How can you apply?
Please follow the link to access the Expression of Interest Form and Zero Waste Scotland will contact you within five working days to discuss your proposed project.

Loan funding is not the only support available to businesses wishing to develop a project. Both Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise can offer additional support to help you progress your project. This could include helping you to shape your funding proposition, providing technical advice, or potentially offering small grants.

Albion Environmental Consultancy
Albion Environmental Ltd provides a comprehensive service to assist clients in gaining grants and support funding. Depending on the area and size of the company grants can be secured for capital expenditure, operational costs and to provide assistance with staff training. For more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

Cash boost for green infrastructure

A £3.8 million fund to help businesses develop green infrastructure proposals is now open.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead announced the Scottish Recycling Fund (SRF) at the Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources Conference at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

The fund will make loans available to organisations interested in developing key sorting, repair and reprocessing capacity for waste materials in Scotland. Loans will also be available for bids from the remanufacture industry.

Read more about the fund here: Scottish Recycling Fund

Source: Zero Waste Scotland

Investment funding to promote zero waste

Zero Waste Scotland has issued a call for innovative projects to encourage more recycling, prevent litter and cut down on food waste.

New funding is available as part of more than £10m Zero Waste Scotland is investing this year in infrastructure, innovation and capacity to create a zero waste society.

Three additional new funds are now open:

  • Litter and Flytipping Fund
  • Local Recycling Communications Fund
  • Consumer Behaviour Innovation Fund

Please follow the link to gain more information about these funds: Funding to Promote Zero Waste.

Source: Zero Waste Scotland

Small Scale Reprocessing Facilities Fund

Funded through the Welsh Government and the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF), this programme of support includes funding of up to €200,000 or 40% of the total eligible capital costs for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises located in Wales’ Convergence areas treating Commercial & Industrial waste and that are investing in new or existing facilities and equipment to provide the following:

  • ·         Reprocessing infrastructure for target materials including plastics (in particular film and non-bottle dense plastics), card, treated wood, glass, WEEE, textiles and food waste;
  • ·         Equipment considered vital to enhance and improve the quality of recyclates made available to the market.

To apply or find out more, please follow the link: Small Scale Reprocessing Facilities Fund.

Source: WRAP