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A-Z of Waste Management – X ‘X’pertise at Albion Environmental

If you have been following our A-Z blog posts throughout the year, you will have been introduced to a range of subjects and issues which the team at Albion have chosen to bring focus to.

With the blog nearing the end, the letter X seemed appropriate to round up some of the expertise shown and explain how the Albion team put this into practice during their working week.

Established in 2002, Albion Environmental have developed into one of the UK’s leading consultancy companies specialising in waste management, environmental and health and safety solutions. With a strong portfolio of both public and private sector clients, as a team we have the skills and expertise to deliver training, advice, and support to those in the waste management, facilities management, and construction industries.

We offer a range of different services and have the expertise to tackle a variety of projects. To showcase some of the team’s ‘expertise’, here are some of the projects we have completed for very happy clients!

Training and Vocational Qualifications

An important asset at Albion is the training and vocational qualifications that we offer. As an approved WAMITAB assessment centre, we make every effort to provide candidates with the best support and materials required to complete necessary qualifications specific to the resource and facilities management industry.

Further to this, Albion offer environmental, health and safety and training and development courses to help you strive in whatever area you work in.

We believe in the importance of keeping your knowledge up to date to be the best at your job. Albion also make sure to keep our friends and colleagues in the industry up to date with any important changes to training and legislation – make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay in the know!

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from clients who have completed training with Albion Environmental.

“I was very impressed with how much knowledge I have gained from the course you conducted and since my return to work I have managed to put my new learning into action…”REHIS 2 Day Course – Working with Waste Management Legislation

“The Albion Environmental Instructor was extremely competent and came across as very knowledgeable. Kept the pace of the sessions about right, whilst dealing with various questions throughout from attendees.” CIWM Waste Smart Training

To explore some of the Training and Vocational Qualifications offered at Albion, click here.

Site Services

Albion also offer a range of site services specific to the waste and resource management industry. What does this include?

Our services span from Routine Site Monitoring services (which includes on-site gas sampling, leachate / groundwater level monitoring and bioaerosol monitoring), Permit Review and Compliance Audits to waste compositional analysis..

We have many Local Authority clients who rely on Albion time and time again for services such as Compositional Waste Analysis, they are always satisfied with the results.

“Albion staff and sub-contractors conducted an excellent service for us, communications between all parties were key to the success of this project, which was completed on time and within budget, overall I am delighted with the project outcomes and we achieved our aim.” South Ayrshire Council Compositional Waste Analysis

Our aim is to work collectively with our clients and tailor our services to create a bespoke package of work which meets all objectives. This is what makes Albion Environmental unique and one of the leaders in our industry.

Following two site visits during the Waste Analysis period I found your staff to be knowledgeable, professional and competent in their work. They explained the processes they followed and their preliminary findings”.  Waste Analysis – Scottish Borders

For more information of the site work we can offer, check out the page on our website.

Consultancy Services

Albion’s team of experts offer consultancy services covering Site Licencing and Permit applications, Soil Waste Management & Classification, Contaminated Land Site Support, strategy development and CoTC Cover / Site management support, to name but a few.

Our team have many years of experience working with the regulatory authorities. We will prepare a range of applications and modifications on your behalf, to provide the best chance of your site gaining application approval.

Collectively, our team will have a consultant who is qualified and experienced in the type of facility you operate this will enable client and project needs to be met to the highest possible standard.

“Andrew helped us complete our PPC application and his expert knowledge and advice in all areas was key to the application being successful, he also kept us well informed of the progress of our application at various stages.”  PPC Application

Albion is committed to continuous professional development to remain at the forefront of all of our industry sectors. If our case studies and testimonials are not enough to prove our eXpertise, then our accreditations speak for themselves.

What services can we offer you?

Have a look at the different services we offer including Training, Consultancy and Site services. If you have any enquiries, please get in touch by emailing or you can call our office on 01292 610 428.

Continuing Competence Refresher

Is your Continued Competence Test looming? Do you feel fully prepared?

Did you know Albion have a one-day Continuing Competency Refresher course?

Our Continuing Competence Refresher course is designed to provide candidates who are looking to undertake their WAMITAB Continuing Competence test with a one day mentoring session to assist them prepare.

The structure of the mentoring session involves discussions between an experienced WAMITAB assessor and the delegate.

During these discussions, the assessor will establish the level of knowledge the delegate holds and  highlight any areas of weakness or they wish to review in more detail.

The assessor will then go through the weaker areas with the delegate by using the most recent literature available from WAMITAB for revision to ensure they are up to date and feel confident to take their test. Additionally, the delegate may wish to further revise the areas in their own time.

For further information on our Continuing Competence Refresher course please contact Kirstie on 01292 610428 / email

Update from JAUPT on Periodic Training

At Albion Environmental we aim to ensure that our clients are always kept up to date with any updates that could impact their continuing development.

Which is why we want to make our clients aware of the recent update from JAUPT in relation to their Driver CPC Renewal. JAUPT advises that the EU commission have reviewed the Driver CPC Directive that now specifies that “a range of different subjects should be covered over the 35 hours”. Therefore, JAUPT wishes to reemphasise that drivers must not unnecessarily repeat the same periodic training subjects within a rolling five-year period. 

In addition, the Traffic Commissioners Office have also made a statement regarding periodic training – “Driver CPC training should either be varied or specifically tailored to a driver’s weaknesses. Taking the same courses repeatedly is not good enough. Failing to put structured development plans in place for drivers not only increases the risk of an incident occurring but would reflect very poorly on an operator if they were called before a Traffic Commissioner.”

Whilst you can undertake a wide range of courses to contribute to the compulsory 35-hours. We would recommend that you undertake a course relevant to the waste management sector, this would be so that you may update your knowledge of waste legislation.

Albion Environmental deliver a 7hr JAUPT approved Driver CPC course in Waste Management Legislation, which provides essential knowledge for all drivers involved with waste.

If this is a course you would be keen to explore or would like further information on, please contact Kirstie MacDougall on 01292 610428 / email

Complimentary report for Albion Environmental following EQA visit from WAMITAB

Albion Environmental are pleased to announce they have received a positive report for another year following our recent External Quality Assurance remote visit from WAMITAB.

The External Verifier, from WAMITAB  sampled a wide range of our high-quality portfolios across a number of qualifications. As a centre we work to high standards with our candidates and as expected, all portfolios sampled were  confirmed as compliant.

All these portfolio samples were accessed by the WAMITAB EQA through our e-portfolio system, Learning Assistant.

The report went on to praise our Centre Policies and Systems following the streamlining processes we have incorporated into Learning Assistant along with ISO changes.

Prior to the visit, the EV also checked the Continuing Professional Development records for our assessors, and all were accepted – particularly pleasing for Albion given our commitment to using well qualified and experienced assessors.

Albion Environmental can cover the full range of qualifications from level two operator levels all the way through to management qualifications. Full list of these qualifications area available at

If you have any questions or would like further information relating to the qualifications Albion Environmental provide, please contact Kirstie MacDougall on 01292 610428 /


Are you aware that Albion Environmental is an experienced provider of Waste Management Qualifications?

We can assist individual’s in gaining an award which will benefit both themselves and their employer at a cost-effective price.

Whether you are new to the industry and wish to gain a qualification or if you wish to gain recognition of your knowledge and experience through a qualification, then Albion can assist you.

These qualifications cover a wide range of waste management processes from the storage and transfer of waste to the treatment of it. This would be for both non-hazardous and hazardous waste. A more detailed list of the qualifications can be found at our website (

The WAMITAB awards that we assist with are suitable for a range of sites from a car salvage yard to a waste recycling site (

To provide the candidates with as much assistance as possible, we have developed and refined our methods in delivering WAMITAB qualifications, which includes providing candidates with access to a web-based e-portfolio.

The candidates will then complete the award using our online portfolio management tool, Learning Assistant.  Rather than working with bulky paper portfolios, learners and assessors access a web- based e-portfolio that contains all their relevant course materials. Learners upload evidence to the system allowing those involved in the assessment process to plan, give feedback, assess, verify, and finally award the qualification. Candidates complete evidence summary sheets and upload these to be checked regularly online by their assessor remotely. This continues until the whole portfolio is completed and they have collected all the evidence.

Once they are ready the assessor will visit to complete an “on-site” assessment of each candidate and to check that the evidence produced is Valid, Authentic, Reliable, Current & Sufficient prior to reviewing the portfolio to complete the assessment. Achievement of this qualification demonstrates competence by the learner to operate appropriately and in accordance with employment requirements within the Environmental Services Industry.

The training will be delivered by one of our experienced assessors. To ensure the highest quality of training we ensure all our trainers have the following:

•  Training qualifications – SQA HN Unit – (F81Y 33) Planning & Delivering Learning Sessions to   Groups

• Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) Membership

•  Qualifications and experience in the subject area being taught

•  Trainers will also often be vocational qualifications assessors and hold for example SVQ Level 4

Learning and Development (including the units A1 & V1) and hold relevant professional memberships.

If you would like to undertake an award with us, or would like further information please call 01292 610428 / email