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LitterID Service

Albion is delighted to launch our new “LitterID” service for local authorities in the UK.

Using the latest technology, developed in collaboration with leading universities in the UK, litter can be tested and DNA identified. The test will take place at a lab near our office and takes less than 5 minutes to be completed. Once the test result is available the result is uploaded into our computer system using the latest AI technology to identify the litter culprit. In independent tests of the technology we have achieved an accuracy of 99.9%.

The Benefits to Councils

  • Millions of pounds are spent by councils each year clearing and lifting litter – many believe this money could be better spent on other services.
  • Litter results in degradation of public areas.
  • Littering is a serious blight on our landscape and has a detrimental effect on our tourism industry.
  • The law is clear – under Section 87 EPA 1990 – Littering is a criminal offence, throwing down or dropping an item in any public open space is classed as littering. If a person is found guilty of the offence they can be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80 or could potentially be prosecuted and risk a fine of up to £2,500.
  • This new technology allows councils to get serious about litter and provide a proper deterrent to littering.

Examples of typical use may be –

  • Officers frequent local pubs and sample and analyse cigarette butts outside pubs – frequently there will be multiple butts discarded so for example 20 butts would generate £1,600 for a few hours work
  • After large events or during summer weather, when for example lots of people visit our lovely beaches but simply leave or discard their litter – councils can gear up with extra officers.  Revenue potential can run into tens of thousands of pounds
  • An interesting option is when councils collect roadside litter, the waste collected can be taken back to a central location, tested and offenders identified! This would require some investment from councils but the testing is so quick and easy that one officer can test an item ever minute resulting in a fine rate of £4,800.

The Process

Albion will provide the following service to local authorities who wish to use this innovative technology –

Provision of sampling and test kits for your officers.

In person training for your officers which will include training on sampling and testing.

In person training for staff who will be authorised to use the AI powered data base to identify offenders and issue fixed penalty notices.

Albion believe this technology will be a game changer for addressing the serious blight of littering in the UK. There will be no hiding place for people who litter. Councils will need to work out policies regarding how this can be implemented. For example serial offenders may find they receive multiple fines but ultimately – if you don’t want a fine – don’t litter – it’s easy!

For further information and costs of this new service in the UK please do not hesitate to contact:

For any enquiries outwith the UK we are setting up a franchise system so please get in touch, and we can also discuss this option.

Useful Links to Support this:

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Recent Consultation on MRF Code of Practice

The Scottish Government have released proposed amendments to the MRF Code of Practice (CoP), running from February 2024 – 19 April 2024, aiming to support the rollout of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging from 2025.

Albion has reviewed the consultation and listed some of the main changes below:

Key highlights include:

  • Expansion of CoP scope to include bulking facilities, mandating sampling and reporting for MFs handling waste from multiple suppliers.
  • Increased sampling frequency for input materials to 60kg per 75 tonnes.
  • Introduction of new materials for sampling and reporting.
  • Effective date set for October 1, 2024.
  • Mandatory retention of sampling data for seven years, with reporting obligations starting October 1, 2024.
  • Requirement for separate identification of glass as packaging.
  • Refined sampling methodology aligned with England and Wales standards.

Under input sampling and reporting:

  • More frequent sampling at once every 75 tonnes.
  • Minimum individual sample weight set at 55kg.
  • Inclusion of data on weight and type of packaging, categorized by target, non-target, and non-recyclable materials.
  • Addition of new material grades such as plastic pots/tubs/trays, plastic bottles, and fibre-based composite material.

Output sampling and reporting:

  • Applicable to facilities within the current CoP’s scope.
  • New requirement to report packaging separately.
  • Addition of fibre-based composite as a material category with specific sampling frequencies.

End destination recording and reporting:

  • Extension of obligations to newly in-scope bulking facilities.

These proposed changes aim to enhance waste management practices and align operations with evolving regulatory frameworks, urging stakeholders to provide feedback during the consultation period.

What can Albion do to help?

We are an experienced provider of Compositional Waste Analysis services to Local Authorities and Commercial Waste Companies and can assist operators undertake Waste Sampling in accordance with the CoP.

We have also developed and delivered training courses which provide information and support to MRFs which fall under the Code of Practice.

For more information or an informal chat regarding these changes please contact:

This consultation has been circulated to interested stakeholders by e-mail, Albion understand that if you wish to review the consultation in full you can contact:

Welcome to the Team, Senior Consultant Ruben Breuls


We welcome a new Senior Consultant to Albion’s ever-growing team. 

Ruben shared his responses to our ‘Meet the Team’ interview questions, where he discusses his experience in the industry and how he has been getting involved with projects at Albion since joining us. 

Ruben Breuls

Senior Consultant

Favourite Quote: “Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement” – Matt Biondi


Job Role: As a senior consultant, my main role is to provide support to clients with their planning permission applications and various licence applications. As part of the team at Albion, I also provide support to the wider consultancy team.

Experience: I am an environmental engineer with over 20 years of experience having worked both in the UK and the Netherlands. I have managed a variety of environmental disciplines (i.e. contaminated land, hydrogeology, asbestos and waste management). Additionally, I have experience with Quality Management Systems.

Favourite project I’ve worked on at Albion: Although I have only been with Albion for a short period, I have already worked on a variety of projects. My favourite project has been assisting a client with the planning application to develop a combustion unit to produce bio-char. I really enjoy managing the various specialists to undertake their surveys and assessments.

Get to Know Me: I used to be a competitive swimmer and won the Dutch National Championship when I was 15. As a result, I was selected for the National Team to compete and train. Unfortunately, swimming wasn’t a professional sport at that time and I chose my education over extra training hours in the swimming pool.

I currently enjoy running, cycling, hill walking and still swim from time to time.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me.. standing on the touchline watching my son play for The Honest Men U18s. 

Reach out on LinkedIn : 

Or get in touch with project enquiries: 


Mandatory BAT Gap Analysis – BATc Waste Treatment Operations

A useful update for any waste treatment operators 

SEPA have been issuing Further Information Notices to waste treatment operators to carry out a gap analysis of their activities using a specific spreadsheet (bref_wt_template_final.xlsx (, comparing site activities against each relevant BAT conclusion (BATc) and identifying where operators are already meeting the standard, where this either is not being met at the moment, or will not be able to be met.

This includes:

  • Existing permitted plants
  • New/ recently permitted plants (permit from 10/08/22)

Details of guidance from SEPA can be found here , and information regarding deadlines can be found here. 

What is the deadline?

The deadline for operators to complete and submit the gap analysis to SEPA is the 4th of December 2022.

What happens once Gap Analysis is submitted to SEPA?

Once gap analysis submitted are assessed by SEPA, one of these three potential outcomes will follow:

  1. There is no change needed to the permit;
  2. The permit is varied to ensure it complies with the regulations and reflects BAT – this will be a SEPA initiated variation and will be free of charge. Sites will have a right to appeal; OR
  3. Enforcement action will be taken where the permit holder cannot comply with the permit or BAT


Consultancy Support – How Albion can help?

Albion’s permitting team can help you to complete the BATc gap analysis spreadsheet. For this we would review the relevant BAT guidance, depending on your site’s activities, and cross check the BATc against your site’s most up to date documentation and operations. We can help you to identify where you meet the standards and where they are not yet met, we can provide you with support to work though the necessary steps to achieve the standards required.

Full details of the BATc and how Albion can complete this for you can be found on our Site Licence and Permit Applications Page.

If you have any questions and wish to discuss with the team please contact us by emailing  




Meet the Team – Issue 10

A huge welcome to our newest member of the Albion team Helanna, who joined us this month.

We have been introducing you to the Albion staff over the last few weeks and throughout that time we have been expanding our team. So this week we are introducing one of our newest environmental consultants.

Helanna Cooper

Environmental Consultant

Favourite Quote: ‘Whit’s Fur Ye’ll No Go By Ye’–  I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason.

Job Title: Environmental Technician

Job Role: As Environmental Technician I carry out a variety of environmental monitoring, site investigation, soil assessments and waste analysis work to the required standard and in compliance with H&S and environmental management system including data collation and reporting.

Experience: I have been in the environmental/ construction industry for 7yrs. I started off with the Princes Trust ‘Get into Civil Engineering’ in 2014, then continued my apprenticeship as an Environmental Technician with a local waste disposal company. In 2016 I wanted to further my career in construction and civil engineering. I spent 4 years as an Engineering Technician working along side site engineers, CAD technicians and technical department, preparing and collating information and data to produce AutoCAD maps. I then realised that the environmental/ waste industry was the area I wanted to expand my knowledge and where I wanted to continue my career. 

Favourite part of the job:  My favourite part of working with Albion is that every project is so varied and interesting.

Get to Know Me:I love spending time and making memories with my family and my friends. I would have to say that my favourite season is summer, I love the light nights and mornings – which has its advantages for when you need to get up early in the morning for site.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me… running around with my wild 3 year old son and spending time with my niece and nephews or trying to catch up on with something on Netflix.

You can contact Helanna at: Or connect on LinkedIn