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Are you aware that Albion Environmental is an experienced provider of Waste Management Qualifications?

We can assist individual’s in gaining an award which will benefit both themselves and their employer at a cost-effective price.

Whether you are new to the industry and wish to gain a qualification or if you wish to gain recognition of your knowledge and experience through a qualification, then Albion can assist you.

These qualifications cover a wide range of waste management processes from the storage and transfer of waste to the treatment of it. This would be for both non-hazardous and hazardous waste. A more detailed list of the qualifications can be found at our website (

The WAMITAB awards that we assist with are suitable for a range of sites from a car salvage yard to a waste recycling site (

To provide the candidates with as much assistance as possible, we have developed and refined our methods in delivering WAMITAB qualifications, which includes providing candidates with access to a web-based e-portfolio.

The candidates will then complete the award using our online portfolio management tool, Learning Assistant.  Rather than working with bulky paper portfolios, learners and assessors access a web- based e-portfolio that contains all their relevant course materials. Learners upload evidence to the system allowing those involved in the assessment process to plan, give feedback, assess, verify, and finally award the qualification. Candidates complete evidence summary sheets and upload these to be checked regularly online by their assessor remotely. This continues until the whole portfolio is completed and they have collected all the evidence.

Once they are ready the assessor will visit to complete an “on-site” assessment of each candidate and to check that the evidence produced is Valid, Authentic, Reliable, Current & Sufficient prior to reviewing the portfolio to complete the assessment. Achievement of this qualification demonstrates competence by the learner to operate appropriately and in accordance with employment requirements within the Environmental Services Industry.

The training will be delivered by one of our experienced assessors. To ensure the highest quality of training we ensure all our trainers have the following:

•  Training qualifications – SQA HN Unit – (F81Y 33) Planning & Delivering Learning Sessions to   Groups

• Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) Membership

•  Qualifications and experience in the subject area being taught

•  Trainers will also often be vocational qualifications assessors and hold for example SVQ Level 4

Learning and Development (including the units A1 & V1) and hold relevant professional memberships.

If you would like to undertake an award with us, or would like further information please call 01292 610428 / email

Albion Environmental Portal – Online Training Courses

Have you got time on your hands to further your

Knowledge and update your CPD….?

Are you on Furlough and want to prepare yourself for when you return to work…?

Then Albion Environmental can help!

We have online training courses available on our website; with variety of courses that can enhance your development to benefit both you and your employer.

The courses are on our e-learning platform and are in the form of interactive training videos.

They are divided into three categories:

  • Health & Safety
  • Business Skills
  • Health & Social Care

Below are examples of the suite of tests available within each category.

Health & Safety

  • Allergen Awareness
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • DSE Awareness

Business Skills

  • Equality, Diversity and Discrimination
  • Personal License Holder

Health & Social Care

  • Autism Awareness
  • Dignity and Privacy
  • Principles of Communication

The cost of the courses varies between £15 – £125 per course.

You can trial the courses by completing the first section before purchasing the complete course.

You can access the courses by registering (for free!) on the Albion Environmental Portal ; then you receive an email confirmation with your username and password.

If this sounds like the CPD update you need, or would like further information please call 01292 610428 / email

Continuing Competence Update

WAMITAB have provided us with an update for those individuals whose 2-year deadline occurred after March 2020 and have been unable to undertake the test due to tests centre being closed as a result of Covid-19 lockdown.  WAMITAB have now extended the deadline for individuals to renew their Continuing Competence to 30th September 2020.

As all Pearson-VUE test centres begin to re-open, WAMITAB request that individuals schedule their tests as soon as possible., however they are aware that at this moment in time there will be limited availability.

If you wish to undertake some practice Mock Competence tests before undertaking the actual test, then Albion Environmental can assist. We have a mock competence test available to you on our website completely free of charge and can be accessed as many times as you wish. All you have to do is complete a simple registration form ( which will allow you access.

For any further information please contact Kirstie on 01292 610428 / email for more info.

Albion’s ABC of Waste Management – Q – Quality Recyclate

How good are your recycling habits? Do you understand how your habits can impact the success of whole recycling operations?

Recycling helps to reduce the carbon emitted from creating new things; it is a crucial aspect of sustainable resource use; and if waste materials are recycled, they are less likely to wind up polluting the environment.

However, the waste recycling industry faces a number of issues – for example, right now it is struggling to maintain the resources it requires to keep up with its demands amid the health crisis we are currently facing due to COVID-19.

Additionally, in a typical year (one that is not hugely affected by a global pandemic!), it can be difficult to find a market for recycled end-products. It can also be hard for waste management companies to source high-quality input materials for the recycling process.

The potential lack of good input materials can hamper the quantity and quality of the new raw materials produced by recycling.

Even just a small amount of waste contamination within incoming materials can wipe out the value of the end-product resources.

Waste management can generally be improved with better collection and sorting of recycling waste. Furthermore, awareness on which materials can and cannot be recycled, and which waste streams should be used for various items, could be enhanced, both within industry and in the public sphere.

For instance, here at Albion we recently conducted a waste compositional survey for a local authority, and found high levels of contamination within multiple waste streams.

The council in question provides householders with multiple types of recycling bins (alongside a residual bin), and each of the bins studied contained some level of contamination:

  • Metal and plastic bins – 13% of the waste content should have been placed in a different type of recycling bin and 19% should have been put in the residual waste bin
  • Paper and card bins – 7% of the waste content should have been placed in a different type of recycling bin and 10% should have been put in the residual waste bin
  • Glass bins – 22% of the waste content should have been placed in a different type of recycling bin and 6% should have been put in the residual waste bin
  • Residual bins – 72.3% of the materials could have been recycled.

Clearly, householders are often getting it wrong when using their recycling bins. This offers an opportunity for enhancing waste management, and more specifically, the quality of recyclates. To increase recyclate quality, it is crucial that more focus is given to education on how to dispose of recyclable materials correctly. Organisations using measures to learn exactly what is in their waste stream, and investing time and money into developing innovative ways to efficiently separate their waste on-site, can often benefit from lower disposal costs, and new revenues.

Here at Albion, we have qualified, experience consultants that can conduct waste analyses, and also help provide expert solutions on how a business or council could improve its waste sorting and collection processes, as well as highlighting the materials that ought to be targeted for this. Upon passing over our findings, we can sit down with the relevant teams and assist in the development of an informed, effective strategy for improving quality of recyclates. Find out more about how we can help with waste compositional surveys here.

Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Waste and Resource Management Passport

We are delighted to advise that we have two fully qualified and experienced trainers ready to deliver the Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Waste and Resource Management Passport course which is a new scheme supported by SWITCH, to improve Health and Safety in the sector.

Aligned to the SWITCH competence framework the SHEA Passport is:

  • Affiliated with Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).
  • Ensures staff can demonstrate appropriate levels of Health, Safety & Environmental awareness.

To find out how one company used it to improve their Health and Safety and training across their operation please click here.

In response to the current emergency situation, EU Skills have announced that SHEA training and assessment can temporarily be delivered remotely via an ‘e-Classroom’. Albion are now looking in to the potential of offering this remote training to our customers.

For our experienced Trainers, the principles of remote training delivery for SHEA via an e-Classroom are the same as those for a physical classroom:

The Trainer and individuals can talk and interact with each other in real time:

  • The design, content and structure of the SHEA training – and the final assessment – is the same.
  • The same training materials are used (e.g. the same SHEA PowerPoint slides used in a physical classroom).
  • Individuals must pass a final assessment – albeit controlled, delivered and taken remotely.
  • Individuals are there to learn and pass the assessment to get their SHEA EUSR registration.

The scheme consists of 8 modules in total covering core health, safety and environmental topics outline below.

There are 8 mandatory modules for the Waste Management industry:

  • Introduction to the waste sector
  • Legislation, regulation and company procedures
  • Health & Safety in the workplace
  • What happens if things go wrong?
  • Occupational Hazards & Consequences
  • Onsite risks & Precautions
  • The environment
  • Waste collection: Drivers and operatives (waste specific module)

This course is designed for employees requiring access to Waste Management sites. Successful completion of the qualification will result in a SHEA EUSR card that will also features the SWITCH logo.

If you wish to discuss the delivery of this course in your organisation please do not hesitate to contact Kirstie 01292 610428 or email Kirstie directly for more information.

Visit our website for more info and courses we can deliver to assist you in keeping your staff up to date and ready to hit the road once the current Covid-19 situation stabilises.