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We Need your Help!!

Albion has delivered WAMITAB COTC (Certificate of Technical Competence) in waste management since 2002. These qualifications require candidates to complete vocational qualifications either via our SQA and WAMITAB approved centre.

We believe our approach is the most effective for both the candidate and the company, as in addition to gaining their WAMITAB COTC we ensure candidate completes the work and fills in any gaps in knowledge and experience as they progress through the qualification. The company benefits from a more experienced and qualified manager and get any gaps in their site processes updated as the award progresses!
We know what we think but we are really keen to find out what is important for you, and your organisation.

So we would be delighted if you could click on the link and complete a short survey letting us know what you think of how we deliver the WAMITAB COTC awards. You can remain anonymous however if you require feedback from us please include your contact details.

We will use this feedback to help develop and improve our delivery. We will also publish the key points from this survey.

If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact Kirstie MacDougall or call us directly on 01292 610428.

Albion Electricity – 100% Renewable Energy

Albion Environmental doing their bit for the environment, with help from Opus Energy!

At Albion Environmental we are always looking at ways to reduce our energy usage and the subsequent environmental impact so we are very pleased with the recent update from our current electricity supplier, OPUS Energy.

OPUS send us an annual update on where our electricity comes from and have confirmed they were able to provide us with 100% renewable energy over the past year, and have the evidence to prove it, so they have ensured that we are doing our part to help the environment.

By using 100% renewable energy between April 2017 and March 2018, OPUS customers have been prevented 1,019,426 tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of planting 509 million trees.

Thank you OPUS

The movement and use of treated asphalt waste containing coal tar.

Asphalt waste is created when material is removed from roads, car park, pavements etc. When the binder used within the asphalt is bitumen, then the asphalt waste produced can be regarded as a non-hazardous waste. However, when the binder contains coal tar and exceeds the relevant hazardous threshold, then the asphalt waste produced will be classed as hazardous. The normal route for dealing with this type of hazardous waste in Scotland is to remove the material and transport it to a suitable third-party facility for disposal. This can be very expensive with disposal costs, landfill tax costs and haulage. 

Albion Environmental have had approval from SEPA, on a site by site by basis, that if the waste produced is treated in an agreed manner and is backed up with suitable procedures and records, then this waste can comply with current Waste Legislation.  This material can be re-used in sub-layers of the new road, car park or footpath engineering works at the site it was produced. This approach also very much improves the sustainability criteria that we are all striving to achieve. 

If this is of interest to you please contact Gerry McCabe or Andrew Howlett or for further information or call us on 01292 610428.

Albion’s ABC of Waste Management – F FIRE

Are you compliant with the Fire Safety Regulations on your site?

Fires at Waste Facilities have the potential to be very serious, posing risk to life and presenting hazards to the local community and the environment. They can also be very costly.

The Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum issued a revised guidance in 2017 aimed at providing waste management operators with the advice and information required to:

  • Reduce the likelihood and frequency of fires at solid waste management sites
  • Where fires do occur, reduce the potential safety, health, environmental, property damage and business interruption impacts

For more information

Albion Environmental Ltd specialise in providing high quality Health and Safety Consultancy and Training for the Waste Management sector. Do not hesitate to contact us to pose us your Health and Safety questions, we will be happy to provide you support to fit your needs and requirements, and ensure compliance with relevant Health and Safety legislation.

Are your site staff trained and equipped to deal with a fire at your facility?

Albion offer a 1-day Fire Warden Course, for site staff and operatives – for more information please get in contact

The course was designed to enable individuals from commerce & industry to undertake the duties of a fire warden and understand the risks associated with fire in the workplace, how fires start, actions to be taken in the event of a fire and the use of first aid firefighting equipment employing the correct techniques.

The course covers the following topics;

  • Relevant legislation                                      
  • Role & duties of the fire warden                   
  • Fire wardens exercise                                 
  • The chemistry of fire                                    
  • BS EN 2 Classes of fire                               
  • Fire procedures and prevention                    
  • Use of fire extinguishers                            
  • Theory & Practical assessments

Albion’s ABC’s of Waste Management – D

Duty of Care

As a business, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that you produce, store, transport and dispose of your business waste without harming the environment. This is called your Duty of Care.

Your Duty of Care has no time limit and you are specifically responsible for your waste from when you produce it until you have transferred it to an authorised person. It also extends across the entire management chain of your waste. You must:

  • Segregate, store and transport your waste appropriately and securely, making sure that you do not cause any pollution or harm to human health.
  • Check that your waste is transported and handled by people or businesses that are authorised to do so.
  • Complete waste transfer notes, including a full, accurate description of the waste, to document all waste you transfer, and keep them as a record for at least two years.

How can Albion Environmental help your business?

  • Classify your waste in accordance with WM3 guidance to enable an accurate description and European Waste Catalogue code to be applied.
  • Sample waste soils, aggregates and fines to enable them to be classified, stored and handled appropriately.
  • Undertake waste audits and process reviews to ensure your waste is being managed in accordance with your Duty of Care obligations.
  • Aid in the development of a waste and resource management plan for your business or site to help minimise waste volumes and maximise the reuse and recycling of resources. 

For further information about the Duty of Care Regulations and how Albion can help please do not hesitate to contact