Compositional Waste Analysis Training delivered to MRFs to comply with the Code of Practice on Sampling and Reporting


The Code of Practice on sampling and reporting at materials recovery facilities (MRFs) came into force in Scotland in October 2015. The Scottish Government introduced the Code of Practice to promote and deliver high quality recycling as required by the European Commission’s Waste Framework Directive and the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012. It compels operators of   qualifying MRFs to weigh and sample materials received at the facility and leaving the facility, and identify the composition of the samples with regard to the type of material contained within.

The Brief

Albion Environmental Ltd was contracted by Zero Waste Scotland to develop a training programme which would provide information and support to MRFs which fell under the scope of the Code of Practice.

Our Research

As an experienced provider of Compositional Waste Analysis services to Local Authorities and commercial waste companies we have completed more than 100 jobs over the last 10 years. We have interpreted the Code of Practice and the associated guidance documents to assess what was required of MRFs under the Code and how they can best meet the requirements.


A training program was developed which consisted of a half day theory session to  detail the requirements of the Code of Practice, and a full day practical session which allowed MRF staff to sample and sort DMR and MRF output and input samples. Training sessions were delivered throughout Scotland to fourteen MRFs, four Local Authorities and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.


On   completion of   the   training,   site specific manuals were issued containing course materials and an assortment of guidance documents to assist MRFs to comply with the Code of Practice. Feedback from candidates who took part in the training was very positive and all found the training to be informative and useful to their compliance with the new Code of Practice.

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