Expert support for the Development of a Waste Treatment & Transfer Station (Falkirk Council)


Falkirk Council currently operate their own MRF at one of their own Recycling Centres. Falkirk Council recognised that they needed a facility that was able to store treated, recyclate material in a secure dry facility ready to be uplifted for transfer to a suitable third-party facility. This proposed facility would be used for the main recyclate materials from paper, cardboard, plastics and cans.          

Our Support

Part of the design of this new facility was to confirm what vehicles would be using the facility as well as what plant. Once this was agreed, Albion Environmental were able to design the facility ensuring enough headroom space for all operations and sufficient space for turning circles. The final design was approved by Falkirk following several design meetings after which Albion Environmental were then able design the facility and its services to obtain building warrant. Albion Environmental were also responsible for obtaining full planning, provide budgetary costs for construction, producing engineering tender documents, acting as Council’s Representative during construction and overseeing construction works.  


This new facility, with an annual design capacity of 50,000 tonnes, was completed on time, safely and within budget. The final design of the facility had sufficient headroom and turning circle space to allow all types of HGV’s to use the facility.    

Benefits to Client

Large enough for all types of HGV’s, secure storage of recyclate materials, added benefit of keeping materials dry and also helping to keep the site tidy from windblown litter.

In addition to this, the transfer of the recyclate materials can also take place in a safe, dry and secure facility.

Figure 1. Transfer Station Building Exterior


Figure 2. Transfer Station Building Interior


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