Bioaerosol Assessments Survey

As part of our KTP project on bioaerosol monitoring, we are currently conducting a survey on bioaerosol assessments and the existing guidance that is available to assist with them (such as the M9 Guidance Note on Bioaerosol Monitoring). The aim of this research is to assess the value of current guidance documents on bioaerosol monitoring, and to identify any areas that could be enhanced. This may then provide an opportunity to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of information on bioaerosols for relevant parties.

We are looking for responses from anyone who conducts bioaerosol monitoring themselves, or from site managers who have to undergo bioaerosol assessments on their operations, or also regulators (e.g. from SEPA or The EA) involved in bioaerosol monitoring. The link for the questionnaire is here:

It should only take a few minutes to complete, so any help or feedback with this would be greatly appreciated. Please also feel free to share it amongst anyone you feel it may be of interest to, or with people you know that conduct bioaerosol assessments.