Assessment Process

Over the years Albion Environmental Ltd has made a number of innovative and positive changes to the way WAMITAB awards are delivered. These changes are driven by our strong belief that completion of awards must be for the benefit of candidates and client companies. A full range of awards is available and the assessment process we currently use is based on the following key stages.

Background Knowledge – Optional

Introduction to Waste Management Course / Working With Waste Management Course – These courses will cover the basic knowledge and understanding required to complete a WAMITAB award. Ideal for candidates who are new to the industry or simply wish to improve their knowledge.

Course Pre-Check

Once you have signed up for your qualification, we will send out some information sheets to complete and submit back to us.

In order to allow us to carry out a pre induction check we would request that you provide us with a copy of your current CV detailing your qualifications and experience.

In addition to demonstrating you can manage your waste facility, we will also check that the facility you are working at has the systems and procedures in place to comply with the site permit, environmental and Health and Safety legislation.

If these systems are not in place it will be difficult for you to complete your award.

Course Induction – Required

Where possible we will try and arrange joint inductions with other candidates. This has the benefit of introducing you to other candidates completing similar awards to you and also allows for full discussion on the different approaches which can be used for gathering evidence.

Award induction will include –

  • Detailed award induction delivered via a “PowerPoint” presentation
  • Completion of Induction paperwork
  • Registration on E-Portfolio
  • Agreement of your Assessment Plan

Portfolio – Required

We will arrange for you to have access to our E-Portfolio system known as Learning Assistant.  The benefits of having access to Learning Assistant are as follows:

  • Learning Assistant will allow you to store all of your work electronically, so the risk of work being lost or damaged is reduced.
  • It can be accessed through your desktop computer or on the app through your phone or tablet.
  • The app will allow you to take photographic evidence for your award and upload it to your account.
  • You will be able communicate with your Assessor through Learning Assistant. Which can be done by an email or message on your account.

Additional Activities and Exercises – Optional

For many of the qualifications we have developed activities, exercises and quizzes which cover key aspects of your qualification. These have been carefully mapped against criteria and successful completion of these activities can be used as evidence to help you towards completion of your award.

These activities will be issued via Learning Assistant by your assessor.

Your Assessor

Your assessor is there to support you through your qualification. They will be available for calls, email and site visits as you progress through your qualification. In order to get the best out of your assessor please take the following points into consideration –

  • Try not to get too far ahead – assessor would rather look at small bits of work particularly during the initial stages. This can help you avoid unnecessary additional work
  • Have reasonable expectations on response time – nothing upsets and assessor more that trying for months to contact a candidate for the candidate suddenly to send some work and expect it to be reviewed within 24hrs
  • Just because you are doing the work in evenings or weekends, does not necessarily mean our assessors are (although quite often they start this expectation by replying at random times of the day!!!)
  • Keep in touch and return calls / emails in a timeous manner

We all know the pressures busy managers are juggling – help us support you!

Centre Support and Follow Up

We are keen to ensure you complete your award within the specified time limit. From experience we also know that candidates who show progress immediately after their induction are far more likely to complete their award. We therefore have system in place where Centre administration will make contact with you, every 2-3 weeks to provide necessary level of support

Additional Training – optional

Albion Environmental Ltd has a range of training developed to cover the waste management sector. Where gaps have been identified with candidates training or with their staff we can provide the necessary level of training.

If you wish to discuss these services or wish to talk to existing clients please do not hesitate to contact us.

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